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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 7...

Whilst rummaging through my storage boxes to find some trinkets to share today I found a shoebox full of old bangles. Most of them are plastic but there are a couple of special one as well. I have more of these somewhere but the box full I found today are more than plenty for one post.
Lets take a closer look ....
I think most of the bangles in this photo are from the 1950s and 1960s based on the colours and the type of plastic they are made from but I am not really sure. I bought some of these individually and some came in a bulk box of jewellery I purchased on ebay several years ago.
This beautiful pale pink bangle is made from glass and is faceted all around the outside and smooth on the inside. This one may possibly be much older.

My photograph doesn't do justice to this interesting bangle. I am not sure of it's age but was told it is carved and polished from a natural stone .(the name of which escapes me) It came from the USA and I was told jewellery of this type is made by Native American's and sold to tourists. It has beautiful browns and greens in it's patterns which do not show up well in the photograph.
An interesting bunch of various types of plastic in this photo. I believe the ages of these bangles varies from as far back as the 1930s to much more modern times.
These three amber/butterscotch coloured bangles are all made of glass and date from the early 1900s.
They feel wonderfully smooth to touch and are much prettier than my photograph shows.
I have no idea of the age of these three plastic bangles but they make a nice addition to my collection.
I am not sure what era these pretty tutti fruitti coloured plastic bangles come from but aren't they fabulous? The colours look like they would be from the 1950s or 1960s but the plastic looks like an older plastic so I am not sure. They are a wonderfully shaped on the outside as you can see.
I keep these bangles in this adorable vintage shoebox. I received a jewellery shipment in it some years ago. Sadly the box had been repurposed before and had damage where sticky tape had been removed. I could have cried when I saw the damage. It is such a beautiful old box! I hope you enjoyed today's trinkets. I certainly enjoyed going through the box and enjoying them all over again.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. What a treasure chest you have - I love bangles - I love baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads. lol

    These particularly interest and excite me - lucky girl.

    Love and hugs,

  2. What a great collection Envious me lol That box you may be able to take it to a copy place they can fix things like that and print it out onto another piece least you would have a proper copy of that lady.

  3. oh Helen they are lovely bangles, and look how you are using your new crystal dish already!!♥ just knew it would be perfect for jewellery.

  4. Hi Helen, you have the most fantastic jewellery collections ever! Are the tutti's bakelite or lucite? They are my favorites. Tam x

  5. Linda, Nelly, Lyndel and Tam thanks for all your comments. Nelly I might have to look into that one day.
    Lyndel yes I have been trying to think of new ways to photograph things (it's a LOT cramped around here at present) and the crystal dish was just perfect!
    Tam I'm not sure what kind of plastic the tutti fruitti bangles are. They actually look more like bakelite but I have never tested them and I don't know enough about early plastics to know if bakelite ever came in such awesome colours. They don't have the transparency that I associate with lucite.