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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is almost here...

I'm not really back from my blog/online hiatus but I did want to wish all of my bloggie friends and their families a Very Merry Christmas. May your festive season be safe and filled with love, laughter and precious time, making cherished memories with loved ones. For my friends who will have an empty place at their Christmas table this year I wish for you peace and healing. May precious memories of times past comfort you in your grief.

I am not sure why but my Christmas spirit is sadly lacking this year. Those who know me well will know that this is most unlike me. I'm a Christmas nut and usually celebrate Christmas with joyous abandon! I hope to come back to blogging refreshed and renewed in the New year.

I haven't been very active in my time away but seem to have kept busy nonetheless. Mr B had another surgery and has recovered from that well. Fingers crossed that nothing further will go wrong.
I have been dealing with the usual end of school year things with both my children and organising them for next year as well as sorting some extra support for my son who has had some difficulties this year.
It all sounds very simple when written down in a few sentences like that but it has been very time consuming. Playing telephone tag with various school staff etc has become tiresome and tedious but I think we are finally sorted. Now I am in the midst of book lists and uniform lists. What fun NOT! Lots of medical appointments to attend etc. Lots of WAITING around!

I have also managed some reading and would recommend any of the following books for those who love a good thriller/crime story.
  • The Wreckage by Michael Robotham
  • Doll's Eyes by Bari Wood
  • Acid Row by Minette Walters
  • The Retribution by Val McDermid
  • Chill Factor by Sandra Brown   *romance as well as murder
My Christmas decorating this year is very simple by sheer necessity. All my trees and decorations are packed away in our shed behind furniture and boxes from where I moved in with Mr B. Unfortunately they are inaccessible without completely unpacking the shed and that is not going to happen anytime soon! I did keep out a small white feather tree that I bought last year and have decorated it with a single silver bead garland and it looks quite pretty, if very plain. My teenagers are getting money for Christmas so I just have to find a present for Mr B and my gifts are done. (Well ok being mum I will buy at least one small gift to go under the tree for the kids) Food will be a simple affair as Mr B still doesn't have his teeth and is on mostly a liquid diet. I haven't even been able to find the spirit to write cards this year. I am listening to Carol's as I type this and hoping to engender some kind of enthusiasm for the coming weeks.

I am still stopping by and reading my favourite blogs from time to time and I hope when I return to writing I still have some friends who will come back to read me.
Meantime from our house to yours -
 **Thanks to Karen at Graphics fairy for the santa image. The Grapics fairy