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Welcome to sunshine in my shadows. This blog is my space to share all the stuff that makes up my every day life. Family, friends, crafts, recipes, books and all the little things that add 'sunshine to my shadows'. We all have a sprinkling of sunshine and an equal sprinkling of shadows in our lives. Hopefully you will find more sunshine than shadows to read about here and on the days when shadows fall, know that the sunshine is peeking just around the corner!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

One man's junk is another man's treasure!

I have a secret vice - well ok in my house it's not quite so secret. I'm a bower bird, a veritable magpie. Some folks would unkindly call me a hoarder but I like to say I'm a collector!
I have a real love of anything vintage and have various collections of items from days long gone.
Here is a short list of just some of the things I collect:

  •  vintage jewellery
  • vintage postcards
  • Christmas jewellery
  • vintage Christmas decorations
  • vintage greeting cards
  • vintage scraps
  • vintage handkerchiefs
  • owls
  • children's Christmas picture books
  • Fenton ducklings
  • small creamer jugs
  • swap cards
  • Ceramic girls/angels from the 1940's & 1950's
  • Anything that takes my fancy LOL!
I truly doubt I have anything that will ever be valuable but each and every item I love. I tease the kids about my jewellery collection being their inheritance but in truth it's all costume jewellery. I especially love the crystal cut necklaces from the 1920' s and 1930's and the later 1950's aurora borealis coated crystal & cut glass pieces. Then there are the diamante's! I hope you enjoy a peek at some of my treasures. I believe treasures are to be shared not hidden away never to be seen.

A collection within a collection - a very small sample of my Christmas tree pins.

A tiny sample from my extensive vintage jewellery collection. Within my jewellery I have many sub- collections which started quite by accident. I have collections of ballerinas, scotty dogs, butterflies and bugs for example.

This lovely lady is my favourite of my 1950s ceramics. Picked up for a song on ebay. Sadly I have never seen any further examples of this quality since.

A small selection of vintage valentine cards.

A small sample of my owls. This collection began when I was still in my teens.

I have a huge collection of victorian scraps, calling cards and postcards.In this small grouping I LOVE the pansies. They are a cutting from an old seed catalogue. Reproductions abound and I prefer to collect the genuine article. Occasionally I will buy reproductions for use in art and craft work.
 I will share more of my treasures another time.
Wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. What a glorious collection Helen - especially the Christmas tree pins - beautiful.

  2. Thanks Linda I have a very large collection, this really is just a tiny selection.