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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 19...

Another mixed bag this week but some lovelies among them!
This gorgeous enamelled daisy brooch ranks among my most favourite. It's hard to see in the photo but each daisy is blushing pink around the centre diamantes. The enamelling is just perfect and it is a large brooch, measuring approximately 2 inches across. I'm not sure of the vintage but would guess 1950s.
This brooch caught my eye due to it's high dome shape and the unusual use of smoky grey and pink diamantes. I'm unsure of the vintage but think perhaps 1940s?
The aurora borealis coating gives this flower brooch away as being 1950s vintage. The green is not as lime as it looks in this photo, that's just the way the light reflected in this photo.
Pretty yellow and clear diamante garland brooch. Approximately 1 inch across in size. Vintage unknown.
Another garland brooch. This one features filigree balls sitting between clear diamantes and the white 'stones' I think may be plastic. Vintage unknown.
Another beautifully made brooch. This one is quite domed and each goldtone flower is set with a clawset diamante. The 'ribbon' edging is silvertone metal also set with clear diamantes. No makers mark. Vintage unknown.
I have a number of basket brooches. This one is beautifully made. It is marked with the copyright symbol and the letters AK. I am unfamiliar with this mark.I was unable to find any reference to it online. Vintage unknown.
Goldtone flower brooch with pearl centre. Unmarked. Vintage unknown. Looks cheap and cheerful.
Pressed metal heart brooch with mauve rose that appears to be made of china. Unmarked and vintage unknown. I wonder if this is a more modern Avon piece?
This is an odd little brooch. It 'looks' cheap and cheerful yet each of the diamantes surrounding the huge centre stone is carefully clawset. The centre stone is approximately 3/4 inch across and foil backed. It is unmarked. Vintage unknown.
This lucite beauty measures approximately an inch across. It has a very old brass clasp but is likely to be from the 1940s when this type of jewellery was very popular.
I believe in this style the roses etc are carved into the back of the brooch and then painted. It gives a very 3 dimensional look to the flowers and leaves.
Despite a missing bead I couldn't resist buying this lovely basket brooch. It features lustre glass beads of varying shades of blue. It is unmarked. I am not 100% sure of the vintage but would guess late 1950s.
I bought this pretty brooch from a lady in the UK. The glass stone in the centre is a deep red. The camera flash has washed it out in this photo. It features marcasite stones around the edges of the design. It has an older style clasp but I am unsure of the vintage. No makers mark.
Yet another basket brooch. This one is tall, approximately 2 inches! The pastel stones have dulled a little. (It is reflecting lime green in the photo, they are actually a soft pastel green) Unmarked and vintage unknown.
Another snowflake brooch. Unmarked. Vintage probably 1940s.
Last up today is this really interesting old thistle brooch. It is beautifully made and finished and I suspect may have been an expensive piece in it's hey day.It looks far too well made to be a cheap souvenir of Scotland. I can't find a mark on it but would not be surprised if it was a designer piece. Each of the stones is clawset. Vintage unknown. Late 1940s or early 1950s would be my best guess.
hope you have enjoyed this weeks trinkets. It has brought sunshine to my day to share them with you all.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. What a delightful collection Helen - the first one is my favourite too.

    Thanks for sharing again -- I love Tuesday Trinkets.


  2. YOu seriously have some great peices.Is it all old collections or are you adding to it Do you find it at oppies?

  3. Thanks Linda there is something special about that enamelled brooch. It just sings to me!

    Nelly mostly old collection bought from ebay etc. A few pieces from oppies but not many. I still occasionally add to the collection even though I have WAY MORE than anyone needs lol.

  4. Hi Helen, thanks for bringing us trinkets again even with all your disruptions...l too love the enamelled one, the lucite and thistle brooches are special as well...have a wonderful rest of your week.

  5. Thanks Bron life with puppies IS keeping us very busy lol. I'm trying hard to find something else to blog about! You have a great week too.

  6. I vote for the sweet little basket with colored stones this week. I was telling my friend about your blog and how much I love it.

  7. Lady Linda the baskets are so sweet. I googled for images of them to try to date the ones I own but it seems they have been popular from as early as 1900 right through to modern times! Thank you for sharing my blog with your friend. I'm so glad to know you enjoy reading and peeking at my treasures. :)

  8. Hi Helen, I'm so happy to have found your blog while visiting your Flickr pictures...I loved all the vintage jewelry you've shared here....I also have a small collection in my Etsy come by my blog and visit!!! I've spent the last month taking my hubby back and forth to the hospital for procedures trying to get his heart back in Sinus Rhythm. Blessings, and can't wait to trade ATCs with you.

  9. Hi Bevie, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm afraid I haven't been writing here for a very long time now. I will pop over and add yours to my watched list.I hope your hubby is doing well now! I'm looking forward to our ATC trade.
    Hugs Helen

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