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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunshine AND Shadows....

It's been a pretty 'ordinary' week here. The puppies are growing fast and are a joy to wake to each morning. (even if I would rather it wasn't at 4-5am) They truly are a joy. Mr B put an inch of water into a sheep trough this week for them to use as a paddling pool and they loved it! Unfortunately like most dogs they also loved the mud created by the splashes of water on the surrounding ground LOL. So both puppies had their first bath here. Neither of them was very pleased about this experience despite the warm water! Mr B has made a mental note to remember to roll up his sleeves next time. I'll share some puppy pics at the end of this post so I can end on a positive note but first I'll share the 'shadow' side of this week.

As most of you know my sister and a friend have been staying with us for the last couple of weeks. My baby sister (18 years between us) has been living in Darwin for the last several years. After ending a difficult relationship with a young army man who suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder my sister finally decided to come back to Victoria for a fresh start. She sold many of her belongings and packed what was left into her car and brought a female friend along for the adventure. Her whole life was packed into her car (her pride and joy, fully paid for and a little prettied up with custom number plates and red to boot - red ones go faster you know!)

We live in a semi rural area and it is usually quiet around here. The girls had barely been here a week when somebody broke a rear window in my sisters car and stole belongings worth thousands of dollars. (handbags,cash, jewellery, cards etc, sunglasses,cameras (all pics of my sisters children) and more) Perhaps you are thinking they were foolish to leave valuables in their car and perhaps that is a fair comment but we are crammed into an already overcrowded house and the girls only brought inside their swags, a few clothes and shoes, necessities to ease the congestion in the house. Fortunately their laptops were in the house. The car was parked in our driveway, locked and alarmed and we didn't hear a thing. (We are assuming they disabled the alarm) This was upsetting enough as the girls struggled to get ID items replaced from interstate and with nothing to prove who they are. The girls both found temporary jobs within days of arriving and were in the process of applying for rental property. Everything came to a standstill as they waited for new cards, licences etc to be processed and mailed to them. Money was yet another issue.

Then the straw that broke the camels back! The thieves (police said and we assume it was probably the same people) returned 6 days later and stole my sisters car, had their fun, dumped it, filled it with aerosol cans and set fire to it. We were woken at 5am Friday morning to be notified that the car had been stolen and burnt out. My sister was totally heartbroken and devastated. Her friend was too of course.(she also lost a considerable amount of property in the car) I will never understand why some people feel the need to steal from others or to damage property. The car was burnt beyond recognition with absolutely nothing salvageable. There was simply a shell left. The police identified it by the number plates which were found beside the wreck.

After considering their options my sister and her friend have returned to Darwin at considerable expense(hire car which was not covered by insurance).I hope they might come back to visit some day but I doubt it will be anytime soon. I suspect such an awful 'welcome' to our city will leave a long lasting aversion with them. We feel badly this happened at our place even though we know it isn't our fault. It has reduced my own sense of security knowing that people who would do such things have been lurking around our house twice without us even knowing they were here! If only these thugs knew what heartbreak and hurt they cause by their criminal activities. I guess the sad reality is that they simply don't care.

I hope everyone else has had a better week. Enough shadows, now I'm going to share some pictures of Max and Cheby enjoying their first baths.
Max at 10 weeks not liking this bath caper much!
Mr B forgot to roll up his sleeves. He won't do that again LOL!
Next it's Cheby's turn. He had already experienced his first bath before we collected him from the breeder so wasn't quite so keen to escape this time.
Cheby 11 weeks. Look how tiny his head is compared to Mr. B's thumb.
Please can I get out now Dad?
I forgot to take more photos once they were out of the bath so here's one from the week before when they were clean and dry!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Oh your poor poor sister and friend,If it doesnt rain it pours doesnt it?I hope those mongrels are caught soon!They will be doing it again you watch brazen so and so's!!
    Lets hope something good happens for her very soon too and her life gets better,

  2. I am sorry some vandalism and common crime cut short your sister's stay with you and left you all feeling very uneasy and out of control.

    I hope things improve for you all and that those little puppies continue to bring constant joy to your days.

  3. How gut wrenching, frightening and sad, l do really hope for better times for your Sister, her friend and yourselves. Here's hoping for a safe trip "home" and that the police find the morons responsible for all the turmoil.

    ps.Your puppies are way cute...and sooo little.

  4. How awful, some people think the world owes them something,don't they? I hope the police find them and all the valuables are returned. Your puppies are sooo cute.

  5. Oh how dreadful! I just feel horrible for your sister and for you!

  6. I felt so sick when I read of these criminal acts against your sister and her friend. Some people seem to cop it on the chin all through their lives, don't they. I can well imagine how worried you will be from now on, knowing those bloody morons have been to your property at least twice. I am a firm believer in the saying 'you shall reap what you sow' even if it is in the next lifetime. Those kids will pay one way or another...

  7. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments. It is a sad insight into todays society that we have so many disenfranchised people who feel the need to do this kind of thing.Gina I believe in karma also. It makes me sad that it is usually young kids with their whole lives ahead of them that are responsible for these types of crime. If only they realised what a slippery path they have chosen.My sister is moving on but it is going to take some time for her to recover both financially and emotionally.

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