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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet Max and Cheby...

I mentioned in my last post how busy life was around here recently. We have a lot going on.
Thursday we picked up one of our new puppies. He is an 8 week old Bichon Frise Miniature Poodle Cross and just the cutest bundle of fluff at present.

Meet Max!
My girlfriend who became homeless recently owns a beautiful long haired domestic cat named Simba. Mr B and I told her that if she could not find a new home for Simba we would adopt her either temporarily or permanently. Simba arrived on Friday, perhaps not the best timing but we promised we would give her a home and so we have.

Meet Simba.
and yes her eyes are a beautiful green!

Saturday we collected our second puppy, a purebred miniature poodle we have named Cheby. Mr B tells me Cheby was a famous mathematician. Cheby is prounounced Ch for chain and Ebbie on the end.
Meet Cheby!
The puppies are settling in well. Simba is still very unsettled but coming out of hiding more and more. She seems unperturbed by the puppies but is nervous of people with the exception of my son, Sam and myself whom she knew previously. Simba sat on my knee for a short time today with one of the puppies so I think that is a good sign. Our two cats, Squeaky and Tabby are totally miffed and are still hiding in my daughter's bedroom only coming out to go outside. They are scared of the puppies and not happy about a new cat in the house. My sister and a friend are currently staying and I think my sister's pet rat, Hermione, is the only animal in the house truly relaxed at present. Hopefully in a short while all will settle in and at the very least learn to tolerate each other.
I imagine my time will be taken up with puppy raising duties and animal reassuring for some weeks to come.
I haven't owned a puppy for some 30+ years so it is quite an experience for me.
I hope you have enjoyed meeting our new babies, I have enjoyed showing them off!
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Wow you have a house full of cuteness! That was so nice of you to care for your friends cat. I hope it all settles down soon so you can relax!

    E :)

  2. there certainly will be Sunshine in your days with all that puppy cuteness - lots of laughter too. How sweet of you to welcome Simba and make her feel at home.

    My tally of the residents of your house currently is
    6 people
    3 cats
    2 puppies
    1 rat

    and that combination sure makes for fun.

    Love and hugs,

  3. I had to give my dogs away before we moved up here near tore my heart out.Hubby isnt a patient enogh man for animals but son does have a cat and 2 birds.The grandkids would love a dog me too but not going to happen.Think we are going the guinea pig route next.

  4. Thanks Em it was a no brainer really. Simba is such a pretty cat and I knew how distressed my girlfriend would be if she had to release her to the animal shelter.
    Linda I'm blocking my ears, not sure I want to know the exact count LOL!
    Nelly hugs I am sorry you had to leave your dogs behind. Guinea pigs are cute but have a habit of suddenly dropping dead in my experience. (they tend to be nervous creatures who get stressed easily.)My ex would never allow our kids to have a pet and eventually (close to the end of our marriage) I just went out to the shelter and came home with 2 kittens LOL! This is their first experience of puppies/dogs.