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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 18...

The puppies are sleeping peacefully and hopefully will continue to do so until I finish this post!
Today I have a small assortment of novelty pins and brooches to show you.
This beautiful spider brooch is handmade and I was told dates to the 1920s.He measures a scant 2 inches long. Apologies to any arachnaphobes out there!
This cocky brooch is tiny measuring just slightly more than a half inch. I wonder if he might have been part of a set of collectibles available through collecting Lipton tea coupons? He has the look of that kind of thing about him.
This sweet little dog brooch is marked Gerry's. Gerry's produced mostly figural items from the 1950s through to 1996. Their jewellery range was priced in the low to medium price range and their items are relatively common.
This hummingbird is beautifully enamelled and finished with clear diamantes. I am unsure of the vintage.
He was very hard to photograph but I adore this charming little hedgehog brooch.He is domed and quite chubby,approximately one inch long. Vintage unknown.
A pretty enamelled Rosella brooch. He is larger than the cockatoo pin measuring slightly more than an inch long. A souvenir pin perhaps? Vintage unknown.
Cute 1950s fly or bee brooch. Made in Czechoslovakia. Approximately 3/4 inch long.
Another sweet puppy pin. I'm unsure of the vintage but would guess 1950s or 1960s. He is unmarked and measures just a bit more than an inch long.
A tiny poodle face brooch. Barely half an inch tall. Apologies for the poor photograph. He is unmarked and again I would guess his vintage to be 1950s or 1960s.
Adorable elephant brooch.Measures approx 3 inches across. I have another of these somewhere in a different colour. Perhaps they were a souvenir from an overseas trip? He is very heavy and solid and also has a pendant clasp attached so he can be worn either as a brooch or pendant when attached to a chain. He appears to be made of some kind of moulded plastic with extensive goldtone  finishing. Vintage unknown.
This owl brooch refused to photograph well which is a shame as he consists of absolutely gorgeously designed and worked sterling silver. The whole owl is worked in fine filigree within a heavier silver frame. He is marked with the 925 mark. He stands at approximately and inch and half tall. Vintage unknown. I purchased him from a UK seller.
This butterfly is one of many I own and is one of the loveliest. Again my camera doesn't do justice to the delicate work on this piece. It is beautifully layered and the back looks as attractive as the front! I have no idea of the vintage but it sure is pretty!
The final brooch for today is this lovely fox. I believe he is from the 1920s or 1930s. He is missing one stone eye. He has an older, simple type 'C' clasp. Although his body appears to be made up of diamantes or stones this is an illusion. He is made from pressed metal and has been designed using a technique that resembles marquisite stones when looked at. The name of this technique/style escapes me at present.
I hope you have enjoyed todays trinkets. I love the figural items, they are such  a lot of fun!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. They are all lovely - but I really like the spider, the owl, the butterfly and the fox - you have such a lovely collection and look forward to Tuesday's when you share them with us.

    Thank you Helen.

    Love and hugs,

  2. My fav is that spider I was oooing and ahing it You sure have some beautys.

  3. My fav is the hummingbird, but the elephant is so interesting.
    Where on earth do you find all of these delightful treasures?

  4. Thanks Linda you know I get much pleasure from sharing.
    Nelly the spider is interesting. When I bought him I also bid on some others with different coloured glass but I wasn't the winning bidder on those unfortunately. I would have loved to have whatever a group of spiders is called!
    Lady Linda most I purchased on ebay, many from the USA and some from the UK. Some from antique shops, op shops and garage sales.

  5. I have a very similar cockatoo pin! It has a name or brand marked on the back of it, but it's so small that, unfortunately, I can barely read it! Does yours have a makers mark on it or anything at all like that too? I can swap photos with you if you're interested in seeing it? I'd just like to know some more info about the one that I have because the picture of yours is the closest looking type of cockatoo pin that I have been able to find so far.

  6. Hi Bridget I am sorry but I sadly no longer have my jewellery collection so I can't answer your questions about the cocky pin. Good luck with further research.