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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppies are fun....

But Oh soooooo exhausting! I have barely been on my computer since the puppies arrived but maybe that is not so bad? I am getting more exercise than I have had in a while and they really are a joy to watch. I feel like a new mother all over again. So I hope you will excuse my absence from blogland a little longer.

We also still have my sister and her friend staying. The house is a little squishy, it was never mean't to accommodate so many people at once. They have both started temporary work and are looking for a place of their own. Ohhhh how I wish our builder could get on with our extension!

The cats are carefully avoiding confrontation with the puppies and each other. My girlfriends cat has the puppies bluffed after a couple of firm swipes across their noses. Our two cats are curious about the puppies but also a little scared and are still sulking in the bedrooms a lot. Our cats are definately not happy about having another cat in the house but thus far we haven't had any real fireworks thank goodness!

My sister's pet rat is oblivious to all!

I may not be commenting much but I am trying to read a few blogs each day.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Gorgeous pics of your new family members Helen, hope they're all settling in by now...

  2. Puppies are exhausting aren't they!

    Just checked out your last post. They look gorgeous.

  3. You are forgiven bet your enjoying every moment tho.
    I have a housefull of people tho.10 of us living here at the moment.LOVE it!

  4. You are one busy lady. Enjoy the journey.
    Love, Linda

  5. Thanks Bron they are doing well, planning an update post asap!
    Thanks Amy they are just too cute and they know it LOL! Spoilt? Not much ;)
    Nelly Omigosh 10 people? Hope your house is a tad bigger than ours! I love the company but it gets a little overwhelming at times in a small house.
    LadyLinda thank you so far it has been tiring but wonderful. I feel a bit like a new mum all over again!