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Monday, February 28, 2011

Farewell Summer....

As much as I love Summer I look forward to the change of seasons. Autumn is my favourite, I enjoy seeing the changes in the garden. Our hawthorn tree has just developed it's first berries for the season. In a few weeks it's branches will be hanging heavily bearing masses of it's pretty fruits. They may be inedible but they look oh so pretty and tell me Autumn is here!

I shall miss the blue skies and sunny days of Summer and yet I enjoy so much more the cooler Autumn days.
I'm just not cut out for very hot weather. I wilt like a delicate flower and hide indoors lest my lily white skin be burned to a cinder in the blazing Australian Summer sun.
Sadly we don't get the right kind of change here to give us the autumnal delight of changing leaves on the various deciduous trees. How I long to visit a place where the autumn sees a landscape palette of ever changing reds, greens and golds. I have seen photographs of places in Australia and overseas that take my breath away with their majestic Autumn flush of colour.

Cooler days mean more time to spend taking leisurely strolls around the garden. Evenings to sit and enjoy creative and crafty pursuits.More time to read! Of course I can do all of these things in Summer as well but usually don't. Summer is usually spent trying to keep cool, out of the sun. Summer is time with the children, preparing for Christmas & beyond. Organizing back to school and making plans for the coming the year.
The months fly by and before we know it Summer has ended and Autumn is here.

Autumn eases us from Summer to the resting and recuperating time of Winter. I hope you enjoy the coming season as much as I know I will.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

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  1. Oh yes Helen I will enjoy it - relish it and be nourished by it. I shall enjoy walking through the leaves by the river and splashing in puddles.
    'Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness" a most beautiful time of year.
    Enjoy it all.

    Love and hugs, Linda.