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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stuff and nonsense...

I haven't been sleeping well this last week. I am not really sure why or if there is a reason at all. I have suffered  insomnia quite frequently in my lifetime but not for a short while. I wonder if my mind is just too busy to shut down enough for me to fall asleep at night. I have had quite a few things on my mind this last week.

School is back and for now I have the kids sorted for books and uniforms etc. The cat had a visit to the vet for some dental work which created quite a dent in my somewhat limited finances. I need new glasses but cannot pick them up yet as I do not have the required funds to pay for them. (damned cat!) I finished reading Kate Morton's The Distant Hours last night and sat up a little late to do so. Excellent book! My knitted teddybear is coming along nicely, I will share when he is done. I have been having some funny dizzy spells that required a visit to pathology and I am off to see my doctor tomorrow to see what the results are. Although I am diabetic my sugar levels have been fine so that does not appear to be the area of concern.

Today I joined a creative writing class. It was interesting if different to what I had expected. I am hoping it might spark my creative drive somewhat as it has been rather lacking of late.
Whatever you are doing this week I wish you sunshine in your shadows

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  1. Thanks for being so honest and open Helen - I hope it helps you.

    Good luck with your medical appointments and I hope they can sort out what is happening with you/.

    Lack of sleep or the inability to "turn off" enough to get good sleep happens to lots of people and I am one of them. I woke at midnight and was up working on my pc for four hours and then managed to get another couple of hours, I refuse to lie there - I get up and made use of the time, but come eight o'clock tonight I will be a zombie. Maybe a Nanna Nap for me.

    I think the whole of this nation has been stressed by what has been going on and this can cause lack of sleep too.

    Animals can be so inconsiderate when it comes to choosing the time to need the Vet.

    At least you have the kids and school sorted - enjoy your classes and keep me informed as to how you are going.

    I have undertaken to document my journey from sickness up to now and that is a much bigger task than I thought. - Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep.

    Take care of yourself. Love and hugs, Linda.

  2. Thanks Linda I think writing it all down does help clear a little clutter from the mind. I slept much better last night. My blood test results were all good. My doctor seems to think the dizzy spells may be stress/anxiety related so it looks like I need to look into more ways to relax.
    I can understand your new writing journey being a little challenging and probably confronting. I hope it is not too much of an emotional rollercoaster ride for you. I applaud you for documenting it and remember to look after yourself as you do so. I am sure there will be many times you will need to take some deep breaths!Love and hugs my dear friend xxx

  3. YOGA

    Ok stay with me on this topic. I have been to one Yoga class in my whole life and that one class helped me sleep that night more than ever before. I did enjoy the class but found it too costly to continue, so in saying that I gleaned enough of what I learned in that one class to try at home. It worked!!
    When I lost Mairi and Mum within two weeks of one another, I went into my "quiet place" (yoga). I sat on the loungeroom floor in a corner (the bedroom had Martyn in there snoring away Lol). I just sat there in the dark and thought of absoloutely nothing. After half an hour I had cleared away my niggling thoughts, even my grief had disappered for a while. I was able to sleep. That is what worked for me Helen, see if it can for you too.
    Hugs Moyra

  4. Moyra thanks for reading and commenting. I typed a long reply last night and then hit a wrong button and it all disappeared! I have often thought about yoga but also discovered classes are quite expensive.(for me on my budget) I may look around and see if I can find a beginners DVD in kmart or someplace although it's always good to have someone 'show' me what I am doing. Hugs xxx