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Friday, February 4, 2011

Time to get creative...

What a wild and woolly week it has been for much of Australia but the State of Queensland in particular. Two cyclones coming fast on the heels of the recent devastating floods has caused massive damage across the State and I am sure the emotional toll on families will reverberate throughout our communities for years to come.
Like many living in other States I have watched and waited with baited breath to hear from friends and loved ones to be reassured of their safety and to hear if they were among the lucky ones who escaped loss or damage to homes, businesses and personal posessions.

I tend to feel overwhelmed at times such as these and along with all the other personal happenings in my life at present I found myself  longing this week to get away from it all and an urge to create. Generally I am not a knitter but today I chased up a simple teddy bear pattern and needles, bought some wool and began knitting a small woollen bear. The gentle and repetitive motion of moving wool and needles gave me some much needed respite from the more serious side of life. I can knit but am not good at it and lack patience to practice and improve. I deliberately chose a small project in the hope that I will actually finish it and hopefully sometime this year! I once knitted a cardigan which took me three years to knit and then another 2 to sew the buttons on!

I am not sure if I just have a sensitive artist's soul but crafting something with my hands or creating with my mind and imagination soothes me in a way that I have been unable to recreate in any other way.
Do you turn to the simple joys of creating something new when you need a little breather from the world around you?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Oh Helen - how well I understand this - I turn to my writing and my mind spins with ideas and yet there are other times when I need to create something - it is a bit like gardening - sometime I feel the need to get my hands in the dirt - rather like going back to my roots.

    I am sorry you have felt the stress of all of this week - it has just left me being very tired and unable to sleep - I have been up since 3.30 this morning but will be going to bed soon. I have a good book so that will bring me Sunshine in my Shadows - and there have been lots of shadows this week.

    Take care and follow that instinct and feed your soul.

    Love and hugs, Linda.

  2. It's healing to seek a quiet respite from so much tragedy and chaos. Perhaps the bear can be sent to a little one that has lost all their toys or the beginning of something to do for the many who are displaced. It's calming and we all need those ports in our life's storms. Blessings :)

  3. Thanks Linda I too haven't been sleeping well this week and boy am I feeling it! I am getting better at following my intuition and nurturing myself when needed as I grow older. With age comes wisdom eh? Hugs my dear friend. I hope you start sleeping better soon. xxx

  4. cosmic1 thanks for stopping by again.Indeed we all need healing at times even the healers among us. I was thinking of donating the bear to charity once he is done.I wondered if you blog at all as I would like to repay your visits here.
    wishing you peace and healing