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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm excited...

We almost have a new roof on our home today! The old asbestos roof has been safely removed and the roofer has put on the new colourbond roofing. They will be back tomorrow to finish off the capping and a few small bits and pieces. It looks fabulous!

I would have loved a nice red roof or perhaps green but after spending months looking down the hill at our neighbour's lovely slate grey roof covered in masses of bird droppings we decided to go for one of the lighter colours. It's a difficult colour to describe. The sample looked a misty grey but on the roof I think it looks more like a fawn or very pale beige. Sort of mushroomy!

I also had romantic thoughts of lying under our lovely new roof listening to the rain fall but alas that simple pleasure is all but negated by the sensibility of having excellent insulation!
I wonder what the resident possums will think of our new roof?

The new roof is just the beginning of our planned building works for the house. Having moved in with my partner recently with my two teenage children we decided the house really needed some extra rooms. Shortly to come will be a new wing with extra bedrooms, including a fabulous new master bedroom and ensuite. I shall have my first walk in robe ever! A second extension will see our living room double in size. I can't wait to see it all done. I'm just hoping the builders get on with it before Winter arrives. We had hoped to have it all done by now but of course the building trades all take holidays over the Christmas/New Year period so we have had a long wait to get things started.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows

** Photo from Department of Environment and Resources Management
I hope they will forgive me for using their photograph here. Unfortunately no credit was given on their webpage for the actual owner of the photo.

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