Sunshine in my shadows

Welcome to sunshine in my shadows. This blog is my space to share all the stuff that makes up my every day life. Family, friends, crafts, recipes, books and all the little things that add 'sunshine to my shadows'. We all have a sprinkling of sunshine and an equal sprinkling of shadows in our lives. Hopefully you will find more sunshine than shadows to read about here and on the days when shadows fall, know that the sunshine is peeking just around the corner!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes the sun just don't shine....

Just a


  1. Sorry that the sun is not shining in your little corner of the world Helen - and hoping that the clouds will be blown away by tomorrow.

    Thinking of you and sending love and hugs,


  2. I hope your sunshine re enters your life very soon
    Thinking of you and hugs

  3. Linda and Lynne thank you both so much. I know the sunshine will come back eventually.
    Your thoughts and hugs are much appreciated.
    Hugs to both of you xxx