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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr Nobody lives here....

I've had a VERY busy week this week with lovely visitors (FUN), appointments to keep (NOT FUN) and lots of things that needed attention. I have been very frustrated this week as' Mr Nobody' seems to have run off with the battery charger for my camera.' Mr Nobody' seems to visit us all at times but this week he is living here!
Having recently combined two households into one the possibilities for' Mr Nobody' to play hide and seek with various items has increased tenfold!

We KNOW my battery charger is here somewhere but it hasn't been used for some months and seems to have vanished into thin air. The result for me is that I cannot take photos to share on my blog. (or anywhere else)
Thus one very grumpy mum lives here this week along with 'Mr Nobody'.  In frustration I even considered purchasing a new one, but decided it was a bit expensive to do so when we know the other one is here somewhere and will likely turn up at some future date.

It's such a shame too as I had a lovely week of treasure hunting at my local op shops this week and brought home some lovely vintage items. I promise to share pics just as soon as the camera charger turns up! If it doesn't turn up soon I may well recklessly blow the budget on that new charger and call it a mental health necessity! I don't suppose anyone out there would consider inviting 'Mr Nobody' to visit them for a while?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

P.S. A warm welcome to my new bloggie friends who are following my blog! Yay I am delighted :)
**Here are a couple of old photos of old op shop or ebay finds for you to enjoy for now

I adore owls, I have had these little fellows for a while now. They are in terrible need of a wash!

A recent op shop buy, my lovely vintage piecrust mirror, complete with hanging chain. I actually got two on the day for a mere $30! I have not yet decided where it will hang. It also needs a good clean.
My newer readers may not know I am a bit of a Christmas nut. This cute little fellow had to come home with me a couple of years ago.


  1. I should warn you that Mr Nobody has a twin living in Scotland lol. And guess what he has MY camera charger...for my old camera! I did buy a new one last year but have a couple of hundred photos trapped in the camera...sigh.

  2. Oh Yes - Mr. Nobody comes from a very large family and lives in most States of Australia (in fact I think they live world wide) He has a close relative called "Not Me" and another called "Wasn't Me" there is a distant relative called "I already looked there".

    Sounds so familiar to me. The charger will turn up eventually - unless it has got tossed with packing - don't stress about it we can wait for your pictures.

    Love your blog Helen and hope you are doing okay.

    Love and hugs,

  3. I'm sure it will turn up where you least expect it. I seem to be the only one in the family that is able to locate anything that's missing, which gets me mad as it's always right under their noses.

    Love the mirrors. I'd love several on one wall as a collage of mirrors.

  4. Lainey ugh I hope yours turns up soon so you can rescue the trapped photos.
    Linda LOL re all the relatives of Mr Nobody! Imagine if they all came to stay at the same time **shudderrrrrr :O
    Alison we know it has to be here so I guess it will turn up when we eventually get things sorted and unpacked. I have two teenagers who seem to suffer from poor vision when it suits them. I am thrilled with the mirrors even though they are not in perfect condition. It is rare to get such a bargain in our opportunity shops these days. Professional dealers visit regularly and tend to snap up anything really wonderful.

  5. Dear Helen thanks for dropping into my blog Yes I have had my opshop fix yay lol.Think I need t daily tho must be strong!!
    We also have a NOT Me Monstor in our home I think he also eats pens and socks

  6. Nelly oh yes on the socks and pens! Glad you got your opshop fix on the way home. I'll be popping over to your blog for details. Thank you for coming by, as a new blogger it is exciting to see new people here.