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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing my crafting...

One of the down sides of moving has been that I have had to pack away my crafting supplies. I may have to find some small project to work on to fulfill my creative urges which are making my hands itch terribly!

Once we get our house organised I will have my own creative space and I can't wait! It will be bliss to be able to keep things out on my own desk and leave projects in progress sitting till I next get time to sit and work on them. It will likely be some months before this happens, maybe even next year but I am having fun dreaming about the possibilities.

Last year I spent the first few months of the year making cards, most of which ended up being sent to friends and other loved ones. Today whilst looking through my picture files I found some photos of my cards and thought I would share some of them here. Feel free to use them for inspiration in your own creative endeavours.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Your cards are stunning and there is always sunshine in a post from you. Sometimes the anticipation of a new space, an event is as nice as the real thing - enjoy the anticipation and planning of your space. I turned Naomi's bedroom into "Linda's Lair" and love it.

    Love and hugs,

  2. They really are stunning cards and not having the room at the moment just challenges those creative juices.
    Thank you for sharing these and I am sure the recipients were thrilled to bits to receive them

  3. Tanks Linda and Lynne. Until I looked back at my photos I didn't realise I had made so many cards.(These were just a small selection)Linda I am enjoying mentally planning my new craft space. The room allocated isn't perfect but I will make it work. We still have so much work to do on my old house in preparation for it's sale that I need a little escape.Planning and dreaming my craft space fits the bill nicely.

  4. Hello,Nice to"meet"you.Thank you for visiting me and deciding to stay and follow.I've just browsed your blog and profile.We have alot in common and I enjoyed my visit.Please drop by again and leave a comment anytime.I'm now your new follower.

  5. Denise welcome and thank you both for coming over and deciding to follow. I am fairly new at this blogging business and am inspired by absolutely gorgeous blogs like yours! I love your writing style and the way you let your inner child run free. It's pure magic! I also adore your gorgeous photos.