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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art by nature...

Joy of joys the house fairies must have been watching out for me this week. My missing battery charger for my camera just suddenly turned up! Yayyy! I am so delighted. Today my sweetie and I spent the day out in the bush so I took advantage and took a few photos to share.Nothing too stunning but enjoyable just the same. Unfortunately my camera is only the point and click kind so that limits the kind of photos I can capture. Enjoy the 'art' by mother nature.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows
I found these few dead leaves left on a tree and thought they looked rather picturesque.
pretty dried seed pods
There were hundreds of these butterflies fluttering around and it took me forever to creep up on one to get a half decent photograph!
Interesting fungi growing up a tree trunk.

This little tree was such an interesting shape I wished i could bring it home to use to display some of my vintage jewellery pieces. (I imagined all the diamante pieces glittering in the sunshine looking like fairy lights)
I saw lots of birds today, unfortunately my camera isn't good enough to get really good shots but I managed to capture this little robin redbreast showing off for the ladies!
Hard to see I know but there is a tiny piece of butterfly wing on this pile of leaf litter.
On our way home I had my sweetie stop the car so I could photograph some beautiful sunflowers that a farmer had planted around his fields. They are so cheerful to look at!


  1. Great pics now send me some luck finding my recharger for my video cam. PLEEEASSSE lol

  2. Ohhhh Nelly I do hope you find it! I know frustration puts the most unladylike thoughts in my mind LOL. Maybe the house fairies are on their way to help you now?

  3. Helen - beautiful photographs of nature in this special season of the year "Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfullness" So glad you had a good day and that the fairy visited and found your missing items. Hope they visit Nelly soon.

    Your photos are great and I can see the piece of butterfly wing and I love the sunflowers - I love them and they were the flower chosen to represent Organ Donation at the 2010 service of Thanksgiving.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Thanks Linda. Sunflowers are such cheery flowers and I had never seen them planted en masse like this before.(although I suppose they must be somewhere for their seeds)What a lovely flower to use for the Organ Donation service of Thanksgiving!
    Hugs xx