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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding fever...

I wonder what it is about weddings that brings about such delicious excitement as we have seen in the weeks preceding the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I watched with a certain delight myself and oohed and ahhed over the dress and a gazillion other little details. I have enjoyed reading the many blog posts dedicated to the Royal wedding.

Pure coincidence saw me move the box containing my own wedding dress and mementos from my own wedding in 1990 from my old home to my new one just this week. My marriage ended in 2003 and I am not really sure why I am keeping my dress. In the slim hopes perhaps that it may eventually become a treasured possession of one of my children or grandchildren? My dress is NOT an exquisite gown from a bridal shop. (Oh how I longed to have one of those) We got married on the cheap my ex and I. My dress was homemade of the cheapest fabrics I could find. (I did choose a nice lace with a scalloped edge, an extravagance whose cost I did not share with my skinflint husband to be.) I look at it now and think how tizzy and 'un-me' it is. I guess I wanted to be a princess for a day just like most little girls grow up imagining they will be on that one special day. I can't share a photograph of my 'tizzy' dress here as I don't have one on my computer.
The bridal charms pictured here are some of the many that were placed on my arm on my wedding day. Interesting to note some of the horseshoes are upside down to 'keep the luck from falling out'. My bridesmaids wore pink so all the pink fitted in nicely. The little bride and groom mice were lovingly handmade by a friend of the family, one of my much loved 'adopted' aunties. (no relation at all)
The beautiful wedding photo at the top of this post is a relation of my partners.It was taken in the 1920s. How beautiful the dress and veil are. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to wedding dresses. I love the beautiful vintage frocks from past eras. The 1950s were another era of stunning, feminine gowns.In fact I think I love the 1950s best.
I saved flowers from my wedding cake and although the 'baby's breath' have yellowed with age I'm still glad to have them. I hope the joyfulness of  the Royal wedding this week has brought sunshine to your shadows. It has mine and many memories of the time I was a princess too, just for one special day.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. weren't the dresses divine "back when"!
    My marriage didn't last and my dress was made into a christening gown that has been used by many in the family. Your horse shoes are a delight to have for your children to have.

  2. You sentamental woman you ( I should talk lol) My wedding dress was very done on the cheap and maybe thats why I have a collection of vintage ones now.I shall share them all if I ever can get my storage shed unpacked.I had similar meece on my table too but mine were grey I wonder If I still have them? I must look.If I do they will be packed somewhere as well.

  3. Lynne how lovely to have a christening gown made from your wedding dress. I never thought of that!

    Nelly sentimental ...who moi? LOL (You know me too well already) I would love to see pics of your wedding gowns if and when you find them.I guess some of us have to be sentimental or all of our history would be lost!