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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tokyo Hostess...

Probably not a book I would have bought brand new I picked up my copy of 'Tokyo Hostess' by Clare Campbell in a local op shop recently. The book takes a look at the murders of  three young women from the Western world in Japan. Interspersed with the facts (and it seems at times some speculation) of what happened to each of the women, Lucie Blackman from the UK, Carita Ridgeway from Australia and Lindsay Ann Hawker also from the UK, the book delves into the mysterious world of hostess clubs and the seedier bars and clubs that apparently abound in Japan. (I can't say for certainty as I have never been there) If half of what the author has written in this book about the nightlife and sexual norms of the Japanese it is certainly a thought provoking read. I should point out at this time that hostesses are not prostitutes and are not expected to have sex with clientele according to the author and all I have read on the subject.

I found it a strange book to read, at times it was a fascinating look at a culture I don't know much about, at others a little drawn out almost to the point of boring. What kept me reading was I wanted to KNOW what happened to the man who killed these women. (In the end it was two seperate murderers and I'm not really sure why the author included the killing of Lindsay Ann Hawker) The book was incredibly sad and as a mother it pulled at every emotional heartstring I have. My heart goes out to the loved ones of these lost girls.

I should post a disclaimer here that I do have a bit of an interest in Japanese culture. My ex husband met a woman in Japan and after our divorce they married. My daughter is very interested in Japanese culture, speaks Japanese and probably will visit there at some future time. After reading this book I'll be making sure she is aware of the dangers of trying to make fast money in places such as the hostess bars. Everyone says Japan is generally safe but I'm a mother and it's my perogative to worry about such things!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. It sounds as though it was an interesting read and I certainly understand what you say about being a Mother and worry.

    I am glad you persisted and continued to the end of the book - quite an achievement I would think. I get to page 100 and if it isn't doing it for me I give up.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Evening Helen,

    That would be an interesting but haunting read. A friend of mine went to teach English in Japan in 2007, and was friends with Lindsay (who was also teaching English). It was common but in no way encouraged to teach english outside of the school, this is when she met with a student to do a private tutoring. The rest is history.

    It was a terrible time especially with Michelle deciding to stay to complete the year. We were so happy to read that he was eventually caught.

    I am not aware that there was any night club/hostess connection though.

    Tam x

  3. Linda I'm not sure exactly what compelled me to finish it. Much of it was grim reading but in the end I did want to know that the person responsible eventually was caught.

    Tam I am so sorry if my post brought back painful memories for you. I'm not sure why the author included Lindsay's murder in the book since the circumstances were different.I am so glad both the murderers were eventually brought to account.

  4. Its a small world no? No painful memories, no worries. Interesting that she was included, maybe there was some sort of connection there.

    Hope you are well, Tam x

  5. Tam I think the only connection was that Lindsay was a western woman and murdered in Japan. Which does make one wonder about the reasoning the author used to include her murder in the book. It is indeed a very small world!

  6. My sister lived in Japan and worked at a hostess club and what she had to do was sit beside a guest and make sure they had what they wanted-drinks,lighter,napkins all very proper,it's a status symbol of wealth and she was a blonde and foreign and was more popular.

  7. simmone yes it was quite interesting to read about the hostess clubs, they really do things quite differently in Japan. I guess blonde hair is so unusual to them, I once worked with a blonde girl who holidayed in Bali a lot and received a lot of attention because of her hair.