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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More op shop goodies...

Apologies to anyone who stopped by yesterday for my 'Tuesday trinkets' post but I have been down with a bit of a tummy bug and was not up to posting yesterday. I'll have more trinkets to share next week.
Today I'm taking the easy path and going to post some pics of op shop goodies I picked up recently.
I can't remember if I've showed off this little coin purse before but I couldn't leave it in the shop for just 20 cents could I?
I have a bit of a thing for little jugs, although usually creamers. This little jug bedecked with olives called to me though. I assume it's for olive oil? It was another bargain, if I remember correctly it was something like $1.00. Almost unheard of prices for my regular op shops! (Rarely anything under $5)
More little depression glass jugs. I have a small collection of these which is fast becoming a large collection! These beauties were $3.99 each.
This odd little glass jar is a Pecks jar. I remember them making meat paste, I think they still do but it has not been in this type of jar for many years. For 50 cents I had to make it mine. I may use it as a bud vase. I really liked the shape of the jar!
Now this towel roll holder I almost left behind because I thought $5.99 was a bit much BUT it was in great condition and it is made from pine. I bought it to use for my craft ribbons. I may paint it white yet, I am undecided but I have plenty of time. The little drawer underneath will be great for those scrappy bits of ribbon that are too good to throw out but a pain to keep tidy. My beloved Mr B told me that there would be more than $5 worth of timber in it.
Hope everyone else is finding some op shop and market bargains. I love taking a peep at what other people have been finding. I've been a bit naughty on ebay this week so may not get to the oppie again for a bit.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. hope you are feeling better today Helen. Agree the towel rail thingy will be wonderful for ribbons, and yes, just buying a draw knob like that at Bunnings'd be $3 !!! you did well to buy that.

  2. Helen you absolutely couldn't leave the cute purse behind for 20 cents, and l love the idea of the towel rack for your ribbons. Clever you!!. Hope you're feeling better. Bron.

  3. Feel better Helen and I too am banned from Ebay at the moment - it is just too easy isn't it? Hope you are feeling better soon and I love all your other bits and pieces.,

    Love and hugs,

  4. I love that littke purse and that ribbon holder would also make a great bangle holder.
    Hope you are feeling better by now xx

  5. Thanks Lyndel yes when I thought about it knobs alone can be quite pricey!

    Bron thanks the ribbon idea just 'came to me' as I was standing there looking at the roll holder so it was meant to be. My ribbons are all thrown in a box at present and it's hard to find anything!

    Linda thanks and oops I bought two more vintage tablecloths this week on ebay lol.

    Nelly thanks and I never thought about bangles...hmmmmm have lots of those too LOL!

    Thank you all I am feeling better today thank goodness. A bit grumpy but better!