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Welcome to sunshine in my shadows. This blog is my space to share all the stuff that makes up my every day life. Family, friends, crafts, recipes, books and all the little things that add 'sunshine to my shadows'. We all have a sprinkling of sunshine and an equal sprinkling of shadows in our lives. Hopefully you will find more sunshine than shadows to read about here and on the days when shadows fall, know that the sunshine is peeking just around the corner!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dedicated to all the single mothers out there...

Nobody sees

No-one sees a single mothers tears
She hides them well away
Tired and empty, doing her best
For herself and her kids every day

No-one is there to see her cry
Lonely, weary mournful tears
When despair and mothers guilt
Prey on her vulnerable mind

No-one sees a single mother weep
There’s no-one to hold her hand
As she battles valiantly on
Doing her best without enough rest
She has to just carry on

March 2006

peace and healing
© Helen B

 Happy mothers day to all the mum's out there, single or not. A special thought for those who no longer have their mother's with them, to the mum's that adopted and the mum's that were 'adopted' by a child not their own (know what a difference you made or are making to that child's life and the world we live in) Gentlest of hugs to those who lost their babies. A wonderful mothers day too for the grandma's and Nanna's who are raising their grandchildren for they deserve acknowledgement on Mother's day too. 
wishing all the mums lots of sunshine in your shadows today


  1. Lovely words Helen and so very true.

    Love and hugs, Linda.

  2. Thanks Linda I wrote this poem at a very dark time in my life post divorce so it's pretty raw emotion.