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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogging blues...a mixed bag

Ugh! I haven't been able to sign in to Blogger for the last two days. That means I missed my Tuesday trinkets post AGAIN this week. I have had a busy week with barely a minute to spare or so it feels.
This post is going to be a bit of mixed bag.

Monday I had a dentist visit to finish off my root canal. I am truly terrified of the dentist but Mr B took me to his own dentist and I have to say I am very impressed. He was very gentle. I have another appointment next week for a general check up. Apparently I have a couple of fillings that are needed as well *sigh. A lifetime of poor dental care and a phobia of dentist visits means I have only about a dozen top and a dozen bottom teeth left so I really am trying to keep the ones I have left for as long as I can.

Tuesday I was to do some finishing off at my old house. I still have a few cupboards with some clothes and odds and ends in that need packing up and moving over here. I am not good at finishing things up. My friend Susan was going to come and 'encourage' me but unfortunately she was unwell. I am pleased to say however I spent most of the day getting up and down off the floor and packed up another car load of things to bring back here. I also filled a bag to donate to the op shop and filled my rubbish bin. I have the aching leg muscles to prove I worked hard! I'm estimating another 2-3 days of work to finish sorting/packing what's left then it will be on with the cleaning and painting etc. Oh and I picked up a couple of treasures at the op shop but I'll share those another day!

Mr B got the job he was asked to interview for on Friday last week so that caused us quite a bit of rushing around. He was told he had the job late Monday, went in to the office on Tuesday and was sent home to pack his bags. He will be working about 3 hours away from home at this stage. I am glad it isn't any further.(There was talk of an overseas post) I miss him already! He only left this morning lol.
I've been learning new skills like setting the fire and keeping it lit, not such an easy task when running errands on and off all day.

Today I did chores, laundry even though there was no hope of getting it dry on the line. The kitchen currently looks like a chinese laundry. I changed the sheets on my bed and am looking forward to slipping between the covers tonight. I so love crisp clean sheets! I had to take my daughter to an appointment mid morning and we were gone until 1pm. The fire had almost gone out but I managed to bring it back to life. I took out the rubbish and recycling, emptied the compost bucket and fed the birds with our stale bread. I brought more wood into the house along with pine cones which make wonderful fire lighters. Add in the school run and some grocery shopping and my day was almost gone....and then there was the cat!

Poor old squeaky came in yesterday with a nasty wound under her chin. Mr B had a close look last night and decided she really needed to see the vet today. He dropped her off this morning and I collected her this afternoon. The poor darling actually had three puncture wounds under her chin and had to be anaesthesized so they could insert drain tubes. They cleaned her teeth whilst she was off in cat la la land as well. The poor baby was very miserable when I collected her and was trying determinedly to get the special plastic collar off. She has been sulking since we got home and continues to try to remove the offending collar. It is doubtless going to be a fun few days for all of us. She must be awfully confused too as Mr B is not here and she is his cat first and foremost and she will be missing him too. We are hoping he might be home by the weekend but not sure yet. Oh and whilst at the vets I saw the most adorable kitten they had for sale. I wish we could have another cat but two is all we are allowed. We don't need another cat but ohhhh that little ball of fur was just adorable and pretty too!

Tomorrow I'm off for my regular monthly check up with my doctor and I am hoping I have lost at least a little weight. I shall be horribly disappointed if I haven't. I have been watching what I eat very carefully and whilst not walking the last few days I have been much more active than normal. My pedometer is proving very useful in that regard as I can keep an eye on my number of steps for each day. I have almost doubled my amount of steps in just 3 weeks so I am pretty pleased about that. A way to go to get to the ideal but I am improving and that is a step in the right direction I think.

Hope everyone else has had a good week and lets hope Blogger behaves itself now and we can all get back to our regular blogging habits!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Helen - you amaze me with all that coming and going - I guess you sleep well at nights.,

    Glad about the job but a little sad that it is away from home. Hope the cat recovers well and doesn't fret too much.

    I love reading all about what you are up to.

    Love and hugs,

  2. glad everything seems to be moving forward in a positive way. Hope you and kitty feel better today♥

  3. Thanks Linda, sometimes I wonder where my days go, travel takes up a lot of my time. Things often take a little longer than you anticipate as well around here. Having a wood fire means it has to be nurtured until it's burning well. Unfortunately a lot of our wood is damp at present and that slows the process down some as well. I admit to being a homebody though and quite like pottering at home.

    Lyndel thank you. I am feeling much better today. It will take a little longer for the kitty though lol. She is still very unhappy today but has eaten and settled down for a sleep so that is a good sign.

  4. Congratulations Mr B on the new job. Lets hope you can turn the corner soon and feel better, Tam x

  5. Yay for Mr. B.........Hope the Dr's visit goes well.

  6. Tam and Bron thanks ladies. Things are looking up as I type. I lost almost 4 and half kilos since my last doctors visit (a month ago) so that really made my day! Now just to keep up the good work.