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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday blues...pity party warning!

It was my birthday yesterday. My birthday usually passes quietly with little fuss. (much to my despair)
Don't get me wrong, I hate being the centre of attention but on my birthday I always wish I felt a bit more special. I suppose I haven't really asked my family to make it more special but for me it's one of those things that just aren't the same if you have to ask. (like valentines day)

I received one card for my birthday, just one. My children did remember to wish me a happy birthday. My beloved Mr. B gave me chocolates and a chiller/cooler bag that has been on my 'wish' list. To be fair Mr. B never forgets my birthday and usually gives me a lovely card but he hasn't had much time to himself starting his new job.

Maybe I just have the Winter blues but I still felt a bit disappointed with my 'special' day.
I spent yesterday at home doing housework and playing around on my computer. My online friends and family made my day special by inundating my facebook page with birthday wishes. My thanks to them all.

One other person that made my day special was my ex mother in law. We still get on well and my son stays with her during the school week. I never expected a gift from her (I don't think she gave me one last year) so it was a great surprise when she handed me a lovely gold gift bag with two boxes inside.
This is what she gave me....
Aren't they just divine? I love them to pieces. I know where she bought them so may just have to go in and see what other matching pieces are available! I love that the little spoon in the sugar bowl is made of china as well.

The one card I received was from ex mother in law.
We had cake and coffee in the afternoon and that passed as my birthday cake. Since I am trying to lose weight I suppose I shouldn't care that nobody organised a birthday cake for me at home but I did.
Oh well next year I'll organise my own I guess. End of pity party, it's still good to be alive.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Hi Helen

    I am starting to think that life gets too busy for everyone and that birthdays and special days seem to get forgotten in the humdrum of daily living.

    Yes it is good to be alive and to celebrate that fact. A very happy day after your birthday to you.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Happy belated birthday. We don't really gives cards unless the kids make one, and don't usually have a cake either, expect for the kids. What a lovely birthday gift, Tam x

  3. Happy Birthday!I have a lovely Mum-in-law who gives thoughtful gifts as well.Sounds like the makings of a collection? My kids don't do the cake thing for me either and gifts wrapped in a plastic bag has become an expected humorous tradition. Best wishes.

  4. Hi Helen,
    Big Hugs, My kids seem to make a fussy well my boys anyway. I wish my hubby cared a bit more - hurts a bit when I take a lot of time and trouble over his birthday and he doesnt do the same for me. So I do know how you are feeling. My MIL is just lovely too, funny my mum is not so much now, but she is not so with it anymore.

  5. Thank you all ... I am feeling much better with a few days to get a little distance and perspective. Next year is a big birthday so I will have to make sure I let them all know I want a FUSS lol.