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Friday, May 6, 2011

Simple pleasures ...

Some pretty things I found in a walk around the garden this week.
We have quite a few bromeliads in the garden. They look quite unassuming most of the year but waiting for their flowers is well worth it!

One of the roses has developed the loveliest big, plump rosehips. Hopefully that means lots of flowers next season!
I'm not sure of the name of this pretty shrub but it looks a little like a salvia. It is covered in these pretty purple flowers. Who said you can't have flowers all year round?

With a promise of great things to come (I hope) the daffodils are beginning to shoot! We have an edging of them around the lawn. As you can probably tell our garden is 'let go' a bit. We aren't too fussed about weeding etc. We benefit in having a part 'wild' garden with visits and live in residents of the bird and animal kind. Hope the peek into our garden reminded you of the simple pleasures all around us.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. It looks so lovely, and those daffodils are going to bring sunshine into your day when they flower.

    "Let Go" gardens are the most habit friendly for our lovely wildlife of all kinds, It is delightful to find something living in there that was not seen before or the welcome regulars.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Helen your garden sounds lovely and so colourful.

    I can't wait for your daffodils to bloom and to see photographs of them.

    Love and hugs,

  3. I can't wait for some bulbs to come up, my garden is a true 'wilderness' of weeds mostly. My 17+ yr old bromilliads are blooming too.. and the bulbs (mostly snowdrops) are starting to come up. I also have 'Winter Roses'.. cant remember their name Heliobores?? but mostly I have weeds!

  4. Lynne I'm too lazy to have a neat, tidy garden. Peter keeps the grass mowed and looks after the vegetable beds but the garden here was established years ago by his parents and is mostly shrubs and trees. I'd love more flowers but I may have to grow them in pots as the grass takes over everything here.

    Linda I just hope we get some daffodil flowers this year. With the drought we have had lots of leaves and few flowers in recent years. It may well be that the bulbs need to be thinned out too.

    Lyndel Hellebores are so pretty. I love bulbs, really should plant some more varieties. I'm a throw it in the ground and if it survives my lack of care grow some more kind of gardener LOL.