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Thursday, May 5, 2011

God's garden...

Gods garden

Fingers of light
Creep softly across
The shadowy landscape
Small creatures scurry about
Some burrowing into dark places
Preparing for their deepest slumber
Others still waken softly and stir in the
Early morning stillness as the sun slowly rises
Birds twitter noisily in the trees welcoming the new day
Daisies in the garden lift their cheerful heads and prepare to play

A gentle breeze blows
Breathing life into the very earth
God’s creatures tilt their heads and feel
 Simplest pleasure in the softest breath on fur and whisker
Ancient trees lift their weary limbs skyward and rejoice in life itself
Slowly the light passes over plains, hill, valley and mountaintop standing proud
Across the tiniest bubbling brook and rivers wide and strong to the deepest oceans
People from all nations wander the myriad paths of their lives and go about their days
Slowly the sunshine peaks in brilliant and dazzling rays and slowly it retreats again 
Father time has done his work and once again the light retreats to shadows and darkness
So ends another day

26th January 2007
© Helen B

** I found the beautiful picture at the top of this post here 
**  Poetry my own


  1. Well Helen, you're really a woman of many and varied talents. l love the beautiful story your poem tells of life and nature, it teaches us to better understand and reflect on these things at a deeper level. It's wonderful too that you are so kind and brave as to share these deeply personal feelings with us all. Your supporting pic is divine by the way and l really must mention how much l love all you vintage butterfly brooches, what fun you must have had collecting them all. Bron.

  2. Stunning piece of writing Helen - thank you for sharing it with us.

    It is lovely to be able to paint a word picture and have it come alive.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Bron thank you so much for visiting and all the nice things you said about me!I've always worn my heart on my sleeve and my face gives away every fleeting emotion. I am just glad you find something here to keep you coming back!

    Linda thank you. I'm not sure the meter (is that the right word?) was quite right but I like this piece too. I just write from my heart. Glad you enjoyed it. Hugs xx