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Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage linens...

I've been having a little spending spree lately. Between ebay and my local op shops I have made quite a dent in my very small budget. (very naughty of me!) Today I thought I would share some of the lovely vintage linens I have purchased recently.
Can you see the beautiful crocheted butterfly? I admired this beauty for a few weeks before giving in to temptation on ebay. It is a 100cm square linen tablecloth with a butterfly in each corner.
I found this battenberg lace inset tablecloth in a local ops shop for the bargain price of $10. It looks like it has never been used. The lace inserts make a frame in the centre and decorate each corner.
This pretty blue tablecloth has developed that softness that comes with age and is beautifully hand embroidered.
Another vintage embroidered lovely! Note the pretty scalloped edging.
This vintage linen tablecloth has been painstakingly hand embroidered with cross stitch. I am in awe of the patience it would have taken to do this as this cloth is quite large.
A small supper cloth featuring drawn thread work. This was one in a bulk lot I purchased on ebay.
I just LOVE this gorgeous vintage hand appliqued tablecloth. It came with matching napkins as well. The cloth has softened with age but I really do love everything about it. The blue trim on the scalloped edge is a nice touch I think. You cannot see in my photo but the applique is hand stitched and oh what tiny stitches they are!
I have a bit of a love affair with scotty dogs so when I saw this vintage apron for sale online it just screamed BUY ME! Alas my waistline is twice the size this apron was made for so I won't be wearing it but I'm glad to have it just the same.
Finally I had to show off this exquisite tea towel that arrived in my mailbox this week. It is NEW not vintage but it's so beautiful I wanted to share! It is made of beautiful Irish linen.  Isn't the red robin just the sweetest thing? Needless to say I will not be using it to dry dishes!
Hope you found something here to bring some small pleasure to your day.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Helen it is all very lovely and it would be hard to choose a favourite there, but I really do like the Battenburg and the Butterfly cloths.

    Some things just have to be owned and loved - even if not worn or used. I hope this lovely linen can bring joy to your days - wouldn't it be great to know the story of where it has come from and whose table it has graced.

    Love and hugs,

  2. What treasures...everything is so lovely! Hugs and joy to you for a great new week. xo

  3. They are all gorgeous, and thank you for sharing them.
    I love the little supper cloth, probably because of the traditions that come along with it.

  4. Linda yes it would be wonderful to know the history of them.
    Koralee thanks and I hope your week is filled with sunshine!
    Lynne thanks for commenting. I love sharing!

  5. Great finds and I love that butterfly one.

  6. Thanks Nelly. My photographs really don't do justice to these lovely things.

  7. oh Helen, what lovely linens ♥ I'll be following your blogs now to see what else you find. I love Linen, and dont mind the odd brooch either, love your butterflies.

  8. Lyndel thanks so much. Love having new followers and I'm glad you found some things to interest you here. I have a large collection of vintage jewellery so lots more to come!