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Friday, May 20, 2011

Who's a grumpy bum then?

Ever have a week where you feel grumpy for no particular reason? I'm feeling really grumpy today and it is most unlike me. I am usually a go with the flow kinda person, laid back and slow to anger. I have been sick for a few days so maybe that is what has me out of sorts or perhaps it's all premenstrual tension.
Or menopausal madness?
Or all of the above?

Being unwell did annoy me no end since apart from feeling miserable it ruined the lovely start I had made to walking every day. I know I will just start over and it's not the end of the world really but right now I am feeling really grumpy! :(

It hasn't been a bad week apart from the few days being sick. We did have another major drama with Miss 18 over the internet usage but we sorted that reasonably quickly and easily. (Not without much pain and anguish but it's sorted for now at least) Miss 18 is finding it hard to learn that we have to start being responsible and paying our way in the world.

Centrelink made a mistake (someone didn't fill something in they were supposed to earlier this year when I went in to let them know I was now partnered) and informed me I now owe them $500 due to an overpayment. Thought I had it all sorted (arranged to not get my family benefit until debt is paid) and on speaking to my accountant he says I should see them again as he can't see how I can have received an overpayment. *sigh I REALLY hate dealing with them, my experience has been that lots of mistakes get made and nobody there really cares about you or how it affects you.

Mr B has a job prospect which if it pans out would entail him travelling away for a time for work. *all crossed fingers welcome. If he gets the job I will miss him soooooo much but we could really do with the income right now.

On a more positive note I had coffee with my very good friend Susan yesterday. Ended up staying and having lovely home made vegetable soup for lunch. Susan has promised to help me finish packing the last few things that remain in my old house one day next week. Then I will finally be able to get on with cleaning and pre-painting preparation etc.
I came home inspired and made some lentil and vegetable soup for us all but mostly to try to feed up Miss 18 who is vegan and very underweight.

Hopefully you are all feeling less grumpy than I am! (and hopefully lil Miss Grumpy will go live with someone else very soon and leave me alone)

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Well Hello there Oscar the Grouch - the sun will shine again for you soon I hope. Sometimes there are clouds and times when everything seems set against us. this is just one of those times for you.

    Your lovely sunny nature will be back soon and until then take care of yourself and so glad you had time with Susan. Your soup sounds lovely and I hope your underweight daughter like it and ate lots of it.

    Love and hugs and big puffs to blow the clouds away.

    Linda. xxx

  2. I am sick and grumpy seems no one can do much of anything without me around so have been doing it all today..I keep thinking of yesterday that cheers me up a bit Hope your not so grumpy soon and Clink?? Yuk!!

  3. Sounds like me half the time, no not really, just some days. Seems Mr B's job prospects may be just what the doctor needed, fingers crossed. Hope you are feeling better soon, Tam x

  4. A season for all things even grumpiness.Sounds as though things might be cheering up,a bowl of warm hearty soup sounds just right too!I find a sit in the sunshine keeps me from getting gloomy.

  5. Helen, I often have grumpy days too, too much to do and the ONLY one to do it all. However, I find a little walk, (sunshine is good IF it's available), and a quiet think clears my head fastest, and makes me feel a little better♥
    Hope all goes will with Mr.B's job.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment.Wishing you a better day by the time you read this.Denise

  7. l totally GET the grumpy thing..... Fingers crossed for Mr. B.

  8. I have the odd grumpy patch myself - rare, but it happens!! Thank you so much for you kind comment - I'm feeling much happier about blogging and ignoring the troll now I've posted again :-)

    I have my fingers crossed for Mr B!

    Jem xXx

  9. You need a little grumpiness in your life to make the happiness more special.

    Though that might be Lager talking

  10. Thank you ALL for your cheery and kind thoughts and wishes. Glad to say the grumps seem to have dissipated. Mr B got the new job. Glen I think you are definately right about pass the lager LOL!