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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winter is on the way...

Some simple pictures of the latest offerings in our garden. I love seeing the changes as the seasons turn.
One of our roses produces the most enormous rosehips I have ever seen!
The lemon tree is still producing well.
The pomegranates are starting to swell - it's a shame none of us like them LOL!
We have lots of grapefruit with both newer green fruits and ripe large yellow fruits all on the one tree.
I am not sure what to do with all the grapefruit. None of us is terribly keen on them. I thought of making marmalade but we don't eat that much of that either. It is a terrible shame to see them go to waste. The orchard was planted by Mr. B's parents and contains many strange or unusual fruits. Perhaps they were popular fruits of the time.
Although my daughter loves them just as they are I am hoping to pick enough quinces to make some quince jelly.
We have lots of different trees in the garden, both natives and exotics but I love the deciduous trees. I enjoy seeing them shed their leaves at the end of autumn and love the structure of the bare branches through the winter. Of course spring brings buds and tiny green shoots followed by flowers and fruit.
We have half a dozen different apples in the garden, they all fruit at varying times. This one has finished fruiting and has changed it's colour, ready to shed it's leaves. I love the shape of this lovely old tree.
This is one of our two almond trees. It has already shed it's leaves ready for the dormancy of winter.
I took this photo of the hawthorn tree just two days ago. It has lost almost most of it's leaves now after the heavy winds we have had the last few days. It is such a pretty tree to watch change. In autumn the leaves turn yellow and fall. Winter sees it bare only to burst into life in the spring with green buds and new young leaves unfurling. The leaves remind me of oak leaves, they are a pretty shape. The blossoms remind me of apple and it is so beautiful when in full bloom. It also sports tiny red berries in early autumn. The tiny birds love it for protection. Although not a native I think it adds much to the garden and I am glad we have it.
Have you wandered around your garden or neighbourhood lately to see what delights nature has to offer the senses?

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Helen, if all else fails, offer the grapefruits / lemons / quince to the local Op Shop. I know a lot of Op Shops that sell fruit, and a lot of op shoppers who look out for it too!

  2. Oh, such lovely fruit. I would adore some right now...such a wet spring in the USA.

  3. Thanks Lyndel I would never have thought of that and I hate seeing it go to waste on the ground.

    Linda your turn will come I am sure. We have had more rain this year and have had bumper crops in the orchard. A bit different to the last few years when there just wasn't enough water to grow good fruit.