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Monday, April 11, 2011

Button, button who's got the button?

I was rummaging in the linen press today when I found one of my boxes of vintage buttons. I spent a happy half hour playing with them, running them through my fingers, sorting and generally enjoying them. Such divine little treasures! I began buying vintage buttons several years ago when I stumbled across them on ebay. I literally bought them by the tin or box full which is rather hilarious considering my sewing skills. I have no idea what I thought I was going to do with all those boxes and tins of old buttons.
**This very badly lit photo shows a tiny part of just some of my buttons in a plastic laundry tub. I have begun sorting them into plastic zip lock bags.

Of course in the many tins and boxes I bought I also received plenty of drab, boring and sometimes plain ugly buttons. The buttons I found today are just a teeny fraction of what I have packed away here in the house and shed. (Imagine a dragon with his hoard of treasure!)
I fell in love with all kinds of buttons from pretty filigree plastic buttons to big clunky coat buttons and everything in between. My favourites however remain the lovely glass buttons. The photos I am sharing today are a bit of a variety, the box I rediscovered today has some of my prettier buttons inside. The dragonfly buttons are an early obsession. Czech glass is so pretty.

**variety of vintage glass buttons, mostly czech glass. I have lots more of these beauties!
**I adore my dragonflies and have them in many colours and sizes. My photographs really do not do them justice.

I first fell in love with old buttons as a young girl. I can remember a neighbour lady who sewed had a huge button jar that she would allow me to play with. I thought it was like a magic treasure chest and it absorbed my rapt attention for hours as I sorted and admired. Actually her whole house was a treasure trove of haberdashery items, lace, ribbons and vintage frocks. So I fondly remember and say thank you Mrs B for giving me a lifelong love of old buttons and all things vintage! (Mrs B also handed me some lovely old gowns to play dress ups in, Oh how I wish I still had them now!)

**An assortment of vintage plastic and wooden buttons

**Pretty pastel plastic perle buttons. I believe these are from the 1950s.
**All these lovelies are plastic. I just love the swan!

I hope my pretty buttons have brought some sunshine to your day. I know they did to mine.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. You have some absolutly gorgeous buttons I have a bottle and I also have a couple of the dragonfly ones must go search them out.I wish I could find a stash like yours tho

  2. Nelly it took me some years to collect all the lovely ones I have. Most I bought on ebay but I know that nice buttons seem to be fewer and further between now ANd more expensive. Don't give up the hunt! I promise I have bucket loads of ordinary and drab buttons for each lovely one.I never knew there were so many plain black, brown and white buttons in the world until I began buying tins of buttons!
    I had two regular ebay sellers I used to buy the pretty ones from but when I checked recently for another friend neither seller had anything listed for sale. :(

  3. Your post did bring a little glimmer to my day.I too have a thing for old buttons that goes way back to my Greatgrandmothers sewing room.I can just see myself standing in her room as a little girl wanting to dump all those buttons out and run then through my fingers.I of course don't have as many as you,but I do like to play with mine.

  4. Denise I am glad my post gave you some nice memories. I am still deciding on how best to display my favourite buttons and what to do with the gazillions of drab, ordinary ones!

  5. Ooh I love vintage buttons, having hoarded a load myself - your collection is beautiful! Scarlett x

  6. Scarlett thanks for dropping by. I have so many things stored away right now opening boxes is like Christmas!It is always fun rediscovering our collections.

  7. Thank you, they certainly did brighten my night, but I am drooling over them still! No buttons are drab and ordinary, you just haven't found the right project for them, but I an sure you will

  8. Your buttons are so pretty, Helen! I never see any as pretty as that here. I especially like the pretty pastel ones and your dragon flies.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Lynne I hope I can find a project (or ten) eventually.
    Kathy thank you. I confess many of the prettier ones cost me more than thrift shop prices but they are oh so worth it.I'm just glad I bought them when I did as they do seem to be getting harder to source.

  10. Hello Helen,
    It's so nice to "meet" you. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for becoming a follower. :) I wanted to let you know how very much I've enjoyed my visit here. From buttons (my obsession) to nature's art...everything is just wonderful! I'm sure I'll be back many times.

  11. Rhonda thank you so much. Visits from experienced bloggers are really heart warming for those of us who are newbies. Stop by anytime :)

  12. You have the most beautiful collection of buttons. The pastel perle buttons look like lollies.Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

    Tam x

  13. Thanks Tam they are so sweet aren't they. I'm having a great weekend and hope you are too :)