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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling rather 'poxy'....

Horrible word I know but really no other word for it this week! Alarmingly I had a VERY PECULIAR looking rash suddenly appear on my feet and legs this week. When I first noticed it I was very thankful I felt healthy, no fever, no nausea or sickness of any kind. Just this AWFUL rash!

That was Monday night so Tuesday saw me off to the doctor to see what it was. He wasn't really sure and sent me off for blood tests to eliminate possible causes. He did set my mind at ease by saying he thought it was likely an allergic reaction to something. Next day I saw him again for the blood test results and bacterial and viral infections had been excluded. So we think an allergy to something unknown. The rash is on both my feet, ankles and both legs right up the backs of my thighs. Very peculiar indeed and we were unable to detect any likely cause. The doctor has me on oral cortisone and I have to return to see him next week. The pic above shows one of the milder areas of the rash. It is much more extensive in places. One HUGE positive is that it is not itchy at all. I just hope the cortisone works and it goes away! I am not a person prone to skin rashes and this one is just so unsightly!
wishing you sunshine in your shadows (and hoping for more sunshine in mine this coming week)


  1. Ouch hope its much better by now

  2. I'm glad it doesn't hurt because it certainly looks nasty..xx

  3. Ow, that looks sore, hope it goes away very quickly,
    Hugs from me

  4. omg helen, you poor thing, it does look like it would be sore and itchy. i hope it clears for you soon and you find out what it was that set it off.

  5. Thank you ladies. The rash doesn't seem to be clearing up to me but I have 6 more days of meds before I go back to the doctor so time will tell. It has started to itch in the ankle areas where the larger splotches are when I get warm but for the most part simply looks awful. I do hope it goes away and it is frustrating to know that I may never know exactly what caused it.

  6. Lordy Helen, that's not good, hope it's cleared up for you now you've been on medication for a while.
    Wishing you well.

  7. There's nothing worse than an itch you know your not supposed to scratch,is there?Hope it goes away soon.

  8. Thanks Bron and Simmone I am pleased to say that after 4 days on the cortisone tablets the rash is slowly looking improved. The colour has faded just a teensy bit and it has reduced a little. (I think)
    By the time I see the doctor again Friday I think it will be much better.It still really only itches when I get warm in bed at night or when clothing rubs against it.

  9. If it was itchy as well, that would drive me insane. At least that is one consolation. I hope it is all cleared up now, T