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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Teacups and other thrifty treasures...

Now that I have use of my camera again I am able to share my most recent op shop finds. I am always finding beautiful things that herald the beginnings of yet another new collection. My partner and I visited half a dozen op shops last week and came home with various trinkets. We are as bad as each other and I don't forsee us living in a clutter free home anytime soon!

I have long admired old china and longed to have my own beautiful vintage cups and saucers. Sadly they seem to be a very rare find in our op shops and those available on ebay and at other outlets always seem to be way over my very limited financial means.This week I found two in an op shop for $25 and $30 each set. My sweetie who is ever ready to spoil me bought them both for me! So begins a new collection!
This pretty set is Royal Doulton. I have no idea what the pattern is and no clue where to look to find out. Can anyone tell me where to look for China pattern names?

This one is marked 'Vale' on the bottom. Some of the gilding is a little worn but for me that adds to the charm.

We also picked up these little glass dishes. I have no clue what their original purpose would have been. The lady in the shop suggested they were condiment dishes of some kind, perhaps for salt. They are all quite heavy glass and tiny. Maybe 2 inches across at most, some smaller. If anyone knows what they are please do tell. They would be too tiny to be jam dishes. I thought they were too cute to leave behind at 50 cents each
I also bought this tiny dish for only 20 cents and I suspect it is either a jam dish or for butter curls.
There were other bargains as well but I will share those another day.
Wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Beautiful buys and I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from them.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Very pretty and the glass ones make great jewellry and trinket or pins etc holders


    and of course:

  4. Thanks Linda just looking at them makes me smile!

    Nelly I haven't decided what to use the little glass dishes for yet but jewellery storage is a great idea. (I have lots of vintage pieces)

    Lynne thank you so much for all those sites, no prizes for guessing where I will be tonight LOL!