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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She'll be apples....

Well Winter arrived early here today with the rain from all through the night continuing on throughout the new day. It was definately a do something inside day and since we had the wood stove going I decided to stew up a batch of our delicious home grown apples.

We only have a wood stove here and whilst it's lovely it sometimes limits my baking creativity and choices. Usually it remains unlit for 6 months of the year. (We do have a microwave, toaster oven and electric frypan to cook with in the warmer months) Today was the first time we have had the stove lit this year and it makes the whole house so deliciously toasty warm.

As I enjoyed the homely warmth in our kitchen my beloved partner strode bravely off into the elements to collect windfalls and pick above mentioned apples. We have 5 or 6 different apple trees in our garden, they are all different varieties and ripen in quick succession. We lost a bit of fruit this year to the dreaded coddling moth despite our best organic methods to reduce the problem. We also expect each year to share the bounty with the resident possums and visiting cockatoos and various garden grubs. There is always way more than we can possibly eat.

There is something special about home grown apples. They smell so divine, something that you just don't get with supermarket apples. It was a literal sensual feast for me today as I peeled and sliced.
The crisp white flesh of the apples looked so pure and fresh. Juice oozed onto the chopping board, my knife and my hands. Then the added scent of sugar, cloves and cinnamon added to the pleasure.
I'm not really supposed to have the sugar since I am diabetic but my dietician did tell me all things in moderation so I'm taking the liberty of taking her advice quite literally! I'm still learning to cook on a wood stove and added a little too much water to the apples today but I will know for next time. A few batches in the freezer and I made a yummy apple crumble for tonight's dessert with the rest. We still have a bucket full of apples to be stewed so I will be doing some more in the coming days.
It's been a while since I've been quite so domestic and I enjoyed it. Now who's for apple crumble?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. I can smell those apples while reading, they "smell" delicious, Enjoy!

  2. Lynne they really were so yummy and the scent was just amazing. Fresh fruit straight from the tree wins hands down over store bought.

  3. It sounds as though yesterday was a day filled with love and homemaking. I am sure your family appreciated your efforts in the kitchen. I love fresh apples but not cooked ones - the warmth and aromas of your kitchen would have been lovely.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Helen.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Ooh salivating here Helen and it is just seven in the morning should be time for breakfast I think lol. Hugs Moyra

  5. Linda it's really strange. I had lost touch with how much of a homemaker I really am. I used to bake a lot but with all the varied diets in our household and me trying to manage my diabetes and weight I just haven't done any lately. Only having limited times with the stove lit also limits me a little, it requires more planning than I am good at.
    I love raw apples but dont have any chewing teeth so find them difficult.I also ended up making pancakes for the kids which they enjoyed immensly.It was great connecting with the kids and seeing them eat more than they usually do too! Looks like pancakes go on the list of things to cook regularly to encourage my fussy eaters!

  6. Moyra I love apple crumble warm, hot or cold and any time of day! If I wasn't headed to the dentist I might just have had some for breakfast LOL!

  7. Hi Helen was wondering about you today - if your rash is any better, l really hope so. Wish you could send me a slice of that delicious crumble.... yum!!! fancy cooking and stoking the stove, what a woman. Also loved your buttons, who could resist collecting a single one, they're lovely. Thanks for showing them.

  8. Nelly I'll keep you some ;)
    Bron my rash is still visible but much improved, thank you. I see my doctor again Friday. Glad you enjoyed my buttons.