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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sentimental Sunday....

I spent a lovely day yesterday celebrating my Aunt's 50th birthday. There were lots of family there that I usually only catch up with at special occasions. I had a brilliant day and came home thinking about how much I really miss the time that we used to spend with extended family all through my growing up years. Somehow as the years passed various family members moved away and contact became less and less frequent.Now like many families many of us only see each other at birthdays, funerals and weddings.

I'm a very sentimental person and keep cards and letters and various other little mementos of people, places and things. Sadly I recently realised I have very few photographs of myself, my parents, my siblings or of my extended family. I took the opportunity yesterday to ask one of my aunt's if she would have a look through her photo collection for me to see if she has anything relevent that she could copy for me. She wasn't sure if she had anything but promised to look for me.

I was checking my watched blogs this morning when I visited Linda, a lovely friend of mine. I have Linda to thank for the inspiration for this post. Do pop over to Musings from my heart and read Linda's post on Sentimentality.  I really related to what Linda was saying and so the seed for this post of mine was sown!

I own a 'sooky' box - a box filled with things I keep for purely for sentimental reasons. Many of the items contained therein are baby items that belonged to my children. 'Coming home from hospital' clothes, baby shoes, first drawings and other miscellaneous items. I have boxes of cards, letters and more personal treasures also tucked away for bringing out and enjoying memories of times long past.
I know some people think of these treasures as junk and worthless but to me they are priceless beyond measure and I hope that some time in the future one of my children will look at them with the same dewy eyed sentimentality that I do. I would have shared photos but my 'sooky box' is packed away with lots of other belongings right now.

How about you? Do you have a soft, sentimental heart and keep a 'sooky box' too or are you too pragmatic and practical for such fancies?

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Thank you Helen for your lovely words - The Sooky Box is a lovely description of your treasures. It most certainly must be the time for sentimentality and a look back down the years.

    I am glad you had a lovely visit with family yesterday and I hope your Aunt is able to gather some photographs together for you.

    Never change - just be the lovely sentimental person you are - a light in the darkness for many.

    Love and hugs,

  2. I am a huge sentamentalist hoader and a sooky la la too I must put all my bits in one place but they are all still scattered.

  3. Thanks Linda and Nelly. Nelly I too have bits all over the place. I think its going to take me years to get organized here!