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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Book fairy ....and treasure hunting

I think the book fairy has been looking after me this week! I am an avid reader and collector of books. In particular I collect vintage children's books with a sub collection of Christmas themed books.
I visited a couple of op shops this week and found some really lovely treasures. Sometimes my local op shops are a bit overpriced but I did get some bargains this time around.
This lovely old hardback Christmas book was sitting on a table all by itself. Priced at a dollar I snatched it up quick smart! I love the vintage illustration on the cover.
Next I found The Poky Little Puppy and a couple of other hardback golden books for 50 cents each. I think they are from the 1970s era. Lovely condition!
Next a baby and toddler treasury of stories. I usually wouldn't have looked at this probably but it was a hardback in beautiful condition for just $3.
Then I came across this book.... The Enchanted Dolls House is just gorgeous! The hard cover is velvet embossed and inside there are 4 different pop up houses from different eras in time. Each of the pages is filled with little pop ups, lift the flaps and other surprises. It is just charming and I know as a new book it is quite expensive to buy. How could I leave it there for just $3? I do hope I have grandchildren some day!!!
Next I came across a 2 book set of Readers Digest Illustrated Dictionaries. Gorgeous condition, beautifully gilded and embossed covers for the bargain price of $5 each. I snatched them up quickly lest someone else lay eyes on them. On top of all this I was given a 10% pensioner discount at the checkout as they were having 'pensioners day'.

Move along to op shop number 2 which is my regular op shop but more expensive than some of the others I visit. I often spot treasures I would love to buy at this store but often leave things because I think they are asking too much.

The first item to catch my eye in the shop was this darling little cup and saucer. It was in the locked china cabinet so I knew it would be a higher priced item but I had to bring it home as it was so sweet. It cost me $15 and is stamped made in Czechoslovakia. It is smaller than a normal teacup but rounder so I'm not sure if it's a demitasse cup or just smallish because of the shape. I don't know much about china and usually just buy pieces that I think are pretty.
More books! Another thing I collect is quotes and sayings and I pick up any of these little quotation books whenever I see them. $2
They had $3 on this little lovely. It's a small book approx 6 inches by 6 inches and of course the cover caught my eye. Inside there are lots more lovely pictures and interestingly the history of lace!
More yummy vintage illustrations! I think they had $1 on this one. I have never seen a book so cheap in this particular shop before!
You just know I wasn't going to leave this one behind right? $1
This one perhaps not quite so old but I vaguely remembered having read this as a child so picked it up as well.
I've spoilt myself considerably this week with a few ebay purchases which I will share later and a few more books for the home library from book depository. At this rate by the time our extension is built we will need a new library wing added to the house! ;)
I have had problems with leaving comments this week so to my regular blog buddies I apologise. I have visited and in many instances tried to leave a comment but Blogger was not co-operating! Lets hope the Blogger gremlins are gone again soonest!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Helen I love the look of the blog - refreshing lime - it is great.
    You certainly did have a good buy week - it is lovely to see that you have bought several of the books that reside on the shelves of this house.

    I am glad your purchases have brought so much pleasure - it is certainly an addiction.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Doesnt getting great old and sometimes new but from oppy books make you smile.i am still smiling over mine.

  3. hit the jackpot! Love all your books. Do you have a wonderufl place to keep them?

  4. Great find Helen, I love a good book too! Tam x

  5. oh my so many new/old books ! great finds. Love the green background too...

  6. Thanks Linda I felt like a change on my blog and I am liking the green myself. I never can resist when I see a classic children's book in the op shop or second hand bookstore!

    Nelly I love books SO much!I'd still be smiling too if I was you, that was an awesome find! :)

    lady Linda we have bookshelves of assorted shapes and sizes all over the house and then some LOL! We have an extension planned and when that eventually happens hope to build in some bookcases and sort our books into some kind of order. It may take years LOL!

    Thanks Tam I just can't resist the book section and usually come home with something! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. :)

    Thanks Lyndel. As much as I loved my autumn leaves background I felt the need for a change. :)

  7. Hi LadyC, Thank you for your comment on my post on the Opshop blog! Yeah, my passion is vintage hand embroidered linens, of which I have a room full, and I mean FULL. Several hundred tablecloths, and a few thousand smaller items like doilies, aprons, teacosies, etc.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog - we share more than one common interest - books for example! My hubby is NOT a reader, and has never understood why I have to buy (and keep) so many books...which reminds me, The Poky Little Puppy goes way back before the 70's! It was one of my favourite Little Golden Books when I was a tot, and I was born in 1948. Work it out for yourself, lol!

  8. Thanks for visiting Gina :) I am lucky my partner loves books as much as I do although sometimes it's a curse because we just have so many between us LOL!
    I didn't realise the Poky Little Puppy was older...shhhh I won't tell if you dont! ;)
    and I never was good with maths LOL. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.