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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 12...

Welcome to today's trinkets. I opened a new box of goodies today and found a real mixed bag. Enjoy!
This beautiful pendant necklace and earring set were the re-discovery of the day for me. Although unmarked this set is very heavy and has a high quality goldtone finish. I'm not sure of the vintage but wonder if it is from the 1980s given it's bold colours and 'heavy' style. I could however be totally wrong and it could be from an earlier time.
Next out of the box came this delightful little 'starfish' brooch. A tiny piece about an inch square it is marked on the back with the copyright symbol followed by the letters S.H.P Inc. I am unfamiliar with this mark and have no idea what vintage this brooch is.
This lovely clear diamante brooch is unmarked but I believe it is a 'Simpson' piece. (I own a couple of marked Simpson brooches and he has a particular style) Donald Simpson was an Australian jewellery designer and craftsman. He designed originally for Simpson Jewellery Pty Ltd  and later went on to design for Jewelcrest. In the late 1960s he went back to designing for himself. Many of his later pieces were not marked but sold with a Simpson tag or box. He was reknowned for using only the best quality stones. This piece is likely to be from the 1950s or 1960s. My photograph doesn't do justice to the clarity and shine of the diamantes even after all this time. Rhodium or chrome plated this is definately a quality piece of jewellery and was obviously treasured. Note the safety chain which has been attached. (I don't believe this is original to the brooch)
I so wish I could have managed a better photograph of this stunning art deco bar brooch. It has a lovely swirled design cut into the bar and the design is outlined by a mass of clear diamantes with a slightly larger diamante set into the centre of each 'swirl'. 1920s-1930s
This crystal cut necklace is from the 1950s and smaller aurora borealis coated beads are interspersed with larger glass beads that feature hand painted decoration.
Another cut glass crystal beauty in palest pink. Probably 1950s vintage and one of my favourites.
This unusual set multi coloured glass brooch is a bit of a puzzle to me. The claw setting and lovely goldtone finish is of a high quality. The stones are open backed. However I can't decide if it is quite old or a more modern brooch. If anyone is more knowledgeable than me I would love to learn more about this.
Pretty blue glass faceted necklace. Unsure of age.
1950s -1960s brooch Love the marquise shape diamantes!
Gorgeous chunky emerald green glass clip on earrings. These are large about 3/4 inch across. I'm unsure what era they come from. (Ignore the reflections in the photo please)
1950s vintage this lovely aurora borealis coated brooch features a variety of diamante shapes and sizes. The design shows obvious influence from the art deco period.
The last item today is this interesting necklace with cube shaped beads that appear to be some kind of natural stone. The catch on the necklace is quite an older style and it is on what appears to be it's original knotted red thread. If anyone can share any info on what the stones may be or the age of this necklace I would love to know.
I hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. More lovelies?? You have some beautiful pieces thats for sure.You must have a bottomless treasure chest xxx

  2. I have been waiting for your Tuesday Trinket post and now can go to bed and dream of lovely pretty things.

    How to choose a favourite - I have no idea - I like them all but the palest pink one resonates with me.

    Thank you for reopening boxes and sharing your spoils with us.,

    Love and hugs,

  3. Gorgeous pieces Helen.

    p.s.Your xmas countdown is freaking me out!

  4. So many pretties! Love the multi coloured brooch!

    E :)

  5. gorgeous items, again! your collection is amazing,thanks for sharing so much of it.

  6. Gorgeous Helen, its hard to pick a fave, simpson brooch is lovely as is the pink faceted
    necklace. Have a great week.

  7. Nelly I REALLY DO have a bottomless treasure chest! I own a ridiculous amount and one day will probably cull it down. Meanwhile I am having fun re-discovering pieces I had forgotten about.

    Linda glad my pretties are something you look forward to. I thought you would like the pink crystal beads too.It is a beautiful necklace and in lovely condition.

    Thanks Tam. Sorry about the Christmas Countdown hehe It IS scary LOL

    Hi Em and thanks for visiting :) Lots of pretties to share every Tuesday. Enjoy

    Lyndel thank you and it really is a pleasure to show it all off. It's giving me a chance to see exactly what I have hidden away in all my boxes!

    Bron thank you. I just love the faceted crystals and the pink is such a pretty colour. I'd love to get hold of a red one but I have never seen one that I could afford. (Red usually being more expensive)Simpson jewellery is divine. I have a couple of others that I bought from his daughter some years ago. He certainly had a very unique style and his jewellery is lovely quality. Enjoy your own week as well. :)

  8. Be still my beating heart at all your treasures!!! Love love love them, nothing like a bit of sparkle to brighten my day :o) Scarlett x

  9. Scarlett always glad to brighten your day! I love the diamante pieces. They just seem so glamorous.I am convinced I was born in the wrong era. We just don't seem to have as many occasions to dress up these days or perhaps that is just me? :)

  10. I love the last necklace. is it cold to the touch? if you would sell us a few of your pieces, you could afford to buy a Red necklace. How about it? Ann

  11. Hi Ann and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes the last necklace is cold to touch.It is definately stone of some kind. LOL re the red necklace, perhaps some day I might just sell a few pieces to do that but for now I can't bear to part with any of them.