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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 11...

I have some lovely vintage bracelets to share today.
First up this sparkly beauty that is 1950s vintage. The centre stone is plain black glass surrounded by aurora borealis coated teardrop shaped rhinestones that vary in colour from blue to green depending on the way the light hits them. The smaller rhinestones that make up the band are all clear. This bracelet is clearly backstamped with the mark Bijoux M.G. but I am unable to discover anything about the designer. The distinct style of the bracelet suggests it was made in Czechoslovakia .Jewellery of this type is relatively common but frequently unmarked or simply marked Made in Czechoslovakia.
This delicate bracelet is made up of clear rhinestones with the tiny flowers made from blue lucite and teeny blue rhinestone centres. I believe it is from the 1950s.
Another 1950s treasure this topaz coloured rhinestone bracelet is beautifully set with 'dog tooth' claw settings. The dog tooth claw setting was a favoured setting for rhinestones used often by the Weiss company. This bracelet is marked Weiss on the clasp.Weiss made some spectacular jewellery and it is quite collectible with some earlier pieces being quite valuable.
Marked 'Coro' this is a pretty example of their 1950s jewellery. This is a quality goldtone piece with pink and red rhinestone flowers adorning twined leaves. This bracelet was probably originally part of a set with matching necklace and earrings. (a parure)
Another Coro bracelet this one has seen better days. Probably 1950s or 1960s vintage.
This silvertone bracelet is marked Lisner and with it's aurora borealis rhinestones is 1950s vintage. Like the two bracelets above it was probably originally part of a set. Lisner jewellery is quite collectable and still relatively common. Like Coro many of their pieces have a fairly recognizable style.
This lovely leafy design bracelet is not marked but is definately a designer piece. I have seen complete sets of this design online. Memory fails me at this time for which company made it.

I love this ruby red glass bracelet. The photograph doesn't show but it has gorgeous fancy claws holding the stones in place. I believe this bracelet may be quite old. It is marked sterling.

These last two I am unsure of the age or where they come from. I suspect they may be cheap jewellery from the 1960s or later. The second bracelet has an interesting dangle on the end. Hope you have enjoyed this weeks trinkets.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. I am starting to love Trinket Tuesday as much as Ruby Tuesday - Helen you have such a lovely collection.

    Bracelets and bangles - I adore. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Trinket Tuesday has become a regular part of Ruby Tuesday.
    Thank you for the gems today, they are stunning

  3. l sooo love trinket Tuesday Helen, and your bracelets are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your broad knowledge of jewellery as well, it's just great to learn about each of the pieces and your pics this week are exceptional.

  4. oh great posts every week Helen. Lovely!! that last one, the dangle is one I had on a necklace I purchased in Tunisia in the 1970s. I think it was called the Hand of Fatima (too late tonight for me to do some searching so maybe you could check out Nth African Jewellery, Hand of Fatima)

  5. Some beautiful trinkets there. Would definitely glam up any outfit.

    E :)

  6. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed the trinkets. Lyndel thanks for the info about the 'dangle'. I thought it looked a bit like it may have been 'souvenir' jewellery of some kind. Always great to learn new things. :)

  7. Hi Helen (just discovered your 'real' name here!) - have you found all those bracelets at opshops? It is a fabulous collection! I am always astonished at the amount of jewllery at opshops - Savers in Greensborough for instance, has absolutely heaps of it. I buy the occasional brooch to use on a crazy patchwork project, but sometimes I end up wearing it instead of pulling it to bits!

  8. Gina I bought most of my jewellery on ebay. A lot came all the way from the US. My op shops have a bit of jewellery but often seem to overprice it.I was lucky enough to buy most of mine when prices were relatively inexpensive. I have noticed prices increasing on ebay as 'vintage' becomes popular.I wear some pieces and others are too fragile or precious to risk wearing and losing. I have a glass fronted display case that I use for rotating display
    of my nicer pieces.I daresay at some stage I will repurpose damaged pieces into crafts.

  9. That is very interesting - thanks for your reply!