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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 9 ...

Oh my gosh it's Tuesday again already. This week has just disappeared. It has been so cold and windy here we have retreated indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to go outside. (Unfortunately it usually is necessary at least once a day) I thought I'd share some diamante treasures this week and hope they brighten the day.

This beautiful blue brooch is probably 1940s vintage. It is a quality brooch with prong set stones but is unmarked. It is hard to tell in the photo but the tiny round diamante's are a paler blue.
This leaf shaped beauty is probably 1950s vintage. Again a quality brooch, prong set stones and this one has a smooth goldtone finish on the back. Note the large blue/green 'Rivoli' rhinestone at the bottom of the setting. Rivoli rhinestones are faceted foiled glass with the pointed end of the stone being used at the top - it looks like the stone has been placed in the setting upside down, but this is how it is supposed to be. They became popular in the 1950s and 1960s and are usually a prominent feature of any piece they are set in.
This unusal shaped brooch is from the 1950s. Aurora Borealis is featured on the stones on either side at the top. This brooch not only features an assortment of greens in the diamante's but also variations in shapes and sizes. The stones are prong set and the back is smooth goldtone finish. It is stamped Made in Austria.
I am not sure what era this beauty in shades of lavender is from. The paler stones are open backed which was often done to allow light to shine through plain glass. I suspect it is probably an earlier brooch, perhaps 1940s or earlier.
I saved the best till last today. I believe this lovely brooch is from the early 1900s. I'm not sure exactly when but probably pre 1930. It appears to be set in brass. It may have been gold plated at an earlier time but I don't think so. Note the beautiful filigree work and the plain glass stones. (pretty colours though) It has a simple C clasp on the back, another indicator that it is an earlier piece. The larger stones are open backed. For it's age the stones still have beautiful shine suggesting it was a well loved and cared for piece of jewellery.
I hope you have enjoyed this week's trinkets. It gives me much pleasure to show and share my collection.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. How beautful are they what great things to find.I love peices like that.

  2. I love Ruby Tuesdays and Helen's Tuesday Trinkets.

    This is a lovely collection Helen - such colour and design.

    Love and hugs,

  3. oh gosh Helen, gorgeous, really 'brightened' my dull dull cold windy Tuesday.thanks♥

  4. Ooh I absolutely love these - they're all so pretty. Now you've given me yet another thing to look out for! I do have a couple of sparkly brooches but I have no real idea about dating them, or even if they're old or relatively new. It's always great to read a post with interesting info from someone who knows what they're talking about. Now I can talk about 'Rivoli' rhinestones and pretend I know something!

  5. You have fantastic knowledge of your jewels Helen, and you must have an amazing collection. l love the odd sparkle (understatement)but more go for old plastics these days. Loved all your old bracelets you featured a few posts ago.Stay warm it's yucky old weather isn't it.

  6. Thanks Nelly most of my jewellery was purchased on ebay over several years. I get excited when I come across a piece in an op shop.

    Linda I am glad you are enjoying my Tuesday trinkets! I love sharing them.

    Lyndel glad you stopped by for a little brightness...isn't this weather atrocious!

    Lakota I have a little knowledge (a dangerous thing LOL) mostly gained from generous people with more knowledge than me that shared the answers to my innumerable questions. I knew nothing when I first started buying vintage jewellery but learnt a bit over time. I also bought a couple of good books on vintage jewellery to help.

    Bron thank you as I said to Lakota a little knowledge picked up through years of collecting.It's funny I never thought I really liked plastic but some of the vintage pieces are really lovely. The weather is really revolting but I guess we must have Winter LOL.

  7. I am a bit slow this week and so glad I waited, This is just what was needed to kill some time this morning, I love them all but really like the uniqueness of the 1950 one made in Austria

  8. Lynne glad you enjoyed this weeks trinkets. That Austrian brooch is an unusual shape. I have never seen another exactly the same.