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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a little bit naughty...

I stopped at a local op shop this morning. I really shouldn't have. I have no excuse.....
These are the treasures that jumped into my arms and said buy me!
Two pretty Royal Vale trios. At ten dollars each I had to bring them home!
Three orphaned plates at $2 each. The gilt trim is a little worn in places but I don't mind if they are a little shabby. They must have been well loved in a former life. I am getting a bit of a collection of orphans together now.
A boxed set of 6 lovely wildflower place mats. These were $6.99 but too pretty to leave behind especially as our current placemats are nearing the end of their lives.
It is always a fatal mistake for me to go anywhere near the book section but I go there anyway LOL. I found this how to crochet book for $2.99. I want to learn how to crochet so I guess I have no excuse now! The book is full of fabulous clear illustrations along with instructions.
Finally for $3.99 I picked up this book about life on the goldfields of Australia for Mr. B. One of his lifelong interests has been gold prospecting/ metal detecting and I thought he might find this interesting.

I did have to leave behind a fabulous not quite complete set of china. I just didn't have enough money to bring it home with me. **sighhhhh  There was a large cake plate, 8 small cake/sandwich plates, 6 saucers and 5 cups. They were embellished with a dainty rose pattern and gilt trim. All for just $10. I'm betting someone will buy the set and sell it for twice that on ebay. I Soooooooo longed to bring it home but I really didn't have the money(no not even $10 ) and am fast running out of room here to store or display things. Despite being a little naughty and comfort spending money I really shouldn't ought to have my found treasures bought joy and sunshine to my day!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. wonderful buys Helen - and so glad you enjoyed the shopping and bringing your treasures home.

    they are all lovely and I am sure the books will be well used and appreciated.

    Yes you were a little bit naughty but you are a lot nice too.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Excellent finds - I find it hard to resist an orphan too!

  3. A woman after my own heart and isnt it awful when you go and find nothing and so wonderful when you go and get a great haul like yours xxx

  4. A lovely lot of goodies you adopted there,let us know how you go with the crochet.Trying to learn myself via youtube but they are so fast and I don't have as much time as I would like.

  5. OH OH your new teacups and other lovelies! My DH would love the book too! He has an old gold mine camp (little old cabin) in Idaho and is planning a couple trips there this summer.
    Happy hunting!
    Love, Lady Linda

  6. Linda thank you I have nice friends it must rub off on me ;)

    Nic I can't really afford to buy the china I would love to own so I buy what I can. If nobody else wants the orphans I am happy to give them a home lol.

    Nelly it is disappointing when you can't find anything. I usually resort to buying a book at times like those lol. Once can never have too many books!

    simmone I've put the crochet book aside for now. Like you I tried watching utube videos and found I couldn't keep up. It is hard to find time to do all the things we would like to pack into our days.If I get adventurous I'll probably blog about it here.

    Lady Linda thank you. Hope your hubby has a nice time and finds a nugget or two! Maybe a nice jewellery piece. ;)

  7. Hi Helen, so lovely to *meet* you! Thanks for popping by my blog.... how lucky your local library had a copy of The Women's Comfort book to get you started on Jenn Louden! What a great idea to give copies away also.

    I love all your finds. Those placemats are super sweet, I can't believe the price - great buy!

    Seems like there's a few Linda's around here, looks like a good place for me!

    I have to say too, I love your blog's background. Autumn leaves rank among my most favourite things in the world, and I decorate my home in autumn colours. One of my most treasured things on my wall is an original artwork of autumn leaves that I got for a steal at a little shop because the frame was a bit wrecked in spots. I love it just the way it is. :)

    Again, so lovely to meet you.

    Linda. xox

  8. Hi Linda and welcome. I seem to attract Linda's lol, my favourite aunt is also a Linda! I can't claim credit for the gorgeous autumn leaf background. It was one of the choices on Blogger's template design. I do love autumn leaves though and this reminded me of Virginia in the USA. I have a very dear friend who lives there and has sent me awesome photos of the changing leaves. Be glad to have you stop by anytime. :) xox