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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Op shop delights...

After my dentist visit yesterday I decided to stop at two of my local op shops on the way home. I found some beautiful battenburg lace, a cutwork runner and the FIND of the month was a divine old sandwich plate.
This little gem was just $3. Can you believe it? I grabbed it up immediately and when I took it to the counter to pay the lady looked quite perturbed and showed the price sticker to the other serving lady. Much frowning ensued  and she told me she thought it had been marked incorrectly and that I had found myself quite a bargain. I just smiled politely and said oh yes I expected it to be more than that. Inside I was terrified they might refuse to sell it to me for that price.

It has printed on the back "Weatherby Hanley Royal Falconware". I have seen other pieces of theirs with the crinoline ladies on.
It is in beautiful condition, a little of the gilding is worn as you would expect of a vintage piece but there are no cracks or chips. I know next to nothing about china and just buy what I like but the pattern on the ends of this plate suggest it might be from the art deco period to me.
This is the cutwork runner I bought. Just $2. It measures approx 40 inches long by 14 inches wide.
A couple of close ups of the embroidery. It's machine done but still beautiful.
I found 4 of these lovely battenburg lace doileys. They are approx 10 inches long and 6 inches wide. $1 each

More battenburg for $1. I think this is a doiley or a tray cloth. The embroidery looks hand done. It measures approx 16 inches long and 10 and a half inches wide. (Folded in photo)
Two more pieces at $1 each. Not sure if these are doileys, tray mats or placemats. They have a slightly different embroidered pattern on them, again it looks hand done. 16 x 10 and half inches.
Needless to say I came home with a smile on my face.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows (try your local oppie)


  1. Exquisite bargains there Helen. I hope they bring you lots of pleasure.

    Love and hugs,

  2. oh Helen, lots of great bargains there, well done!

  3. Nothing beats the thrill of finding a treasuer and that plate is one.

  4. Thanks Linda, Lyndel and Nelly. My op shops rarely have anything priced under $5 so it was a great day!