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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 6...

A few old earrings to share today. If my trinkets posts seem a bit random it's because they are! A lot of my vintage jewellery collection is packed away in boxes and I'm just sharing bits and pieces as I come across them. Apologies for the poor photographs today. The weather and the light were against me.
I believe these lovely aquamarine blue glass beauties to be from the early 1900s. My best guess would be around 1920. The glass is faceted all over and the claws holding the stones in place are beautifully decorative. Hard to see in the photograph but they suggest these were quality jewellery in their day. They are clip ons.

Earrings have come and gone in fashion depending on the clothing and hairstyles of the day. They were out of favour at times when women's ears were covered either by bonnets or their hair and came back into fashion when hairstyles changed and hair was pulled back off the face and neck.
These clip ons are probably from around the same era. It isn't clear in the photo but the centre's are surrounded by clear rhinestones.
This style made from plastic is likely from the 1950s and was probably made in Japan. Similar styles were found earlier than the 1950s and some were made by highly collectable designers. Cheap copies such as these abound. I have large numbers myself and whilst they may not have any monetary value I love having them for the pure joy of looking at them. They really are so very pretty!
A lovely example of Aurora Borealis coated rhinestones. 1950s clip ons.
A pretty pale green lucite pair of clip ons from the 1950s.(my best guess) This pair is marked Lisner. Lisner were a New York jewellery company and the Lisner mark was first used in the early 1930s. Lisner became very popular in the 1950s and their higher end of the market jewellery can be quite collectible. Lisner made some beautiful diamante pieces and a google image search will find you some of their better pieces if you are interested in taking a peep.
 I'm not sure when these pretty glass clip ons date from. The pastels suggest the 1950s but the clips on the back suggest they are much older. The glass is faceted and unadorned by the aurora borealis frequently added in the 1950s. They are claw set and well made.
Well that's all for today's trinkets.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Beautiful Helen - your collection is lovely and I really enjoy seeing all your treasures.

    Love and hugs,

  2. oh Helen, what great jewellery you have.. I love your random posts about it. thanks.

  3. Love all your posts random or not xx beautiful earings.

  4. Helen what goodies you have. Do you display them or are they tucked away for safe keeping?

  5. Thanks Linda I really do enjoy sharing them.xx

    Lyndel glad you are enjoying them. I have so much it's fun to have a reason to pull stuff out and enjoy it myself all over again!

    Nelly thank you, I think we have a lot in common. Hugs xx :)

    Simmone thanks and glad you enjoyed the post. I have a display cabinet that is in huge disarray at present and LOTS packed away. When I get more organized I hope to display some of my favourite pieces permanently so I can enjoy them every day and also have a space to have a changing display.

  6. How gorgeous they all are! I like the gold buttons in the centre, surrounded by rhinestones. They speak to me. :-)

  7. I adore the pastel set! Such fun. Seems so odd to hear you speak of winter as we are approaching summer here in the USA.
    Lady Linda

  8. Thanks for visiting allison. I love the colour of those earrings. I just wish my photography was better. Some things just don't photograph well either. They are much prettier than they look.

    Lady Linda thanks for stopping by. I love the pastels too. Yes the internet makes the world a much smaller place and it always throws me to remember the seasons differ and also the times of day/night.