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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 8 ...

I thought I'd share some fun trinkets today. The box I rummaged through this week contained a variety of jewellery pieces including a menagerie of assorted animal brooches and just plain 'different' brooches. I have a large number of brooches and pins representing almost any animal species you could name and also those representing objects from every day life. They are often cute, interesting and sometimes unusual. They are always FUN!
What could be more fun than ruby red shoes! Take us away Dorothy! These are a modern day brooch but just too cute to resist.
I suspect this charming group of felines is relatively modern too but I loved the look of the pewter, copper and brass together.
This little duck is definately vintage. I'm not sure what era he is from but the plain glass stones suggest earlier than 1940. He has a few scrapes and scratches but is still adorable in my eyes!
This little donkey is a collectable vintage piece by the designer Trifari. He is tiny as well as cute and is not much more than an inch square.
Little Miss Mousie here is also tiny and cute AND her glasses move up and down! How could I possibly resist adding her to my collection?
An unusual pice this brooch consists of a lamp post with a poodle attached by a chain. I'm not sure what era this is from but thought it worth collecting just for novelty value.
Scotty dog pins were very popular in the mid 1930s and I have many scotty dogs in my collection. This lovely fellow is much more recent I suspect.
A beautiful 1950s swan brooch. I have a number of swans in my collection as well, they have such lovely shape. Note the gorgeous Aurora Borealis finish on the rhinestones of this example.

This unicorn was a piece I just had to have! I'm not sure what era he is from but I fell in love with him. The style reminds me somewhat of the Trifari donkey.
Two teddybear brooches. The gold one has articulated arms and legs. I believe these to be modern day pieces.
When I bought this brooch I knew these two kooky looking characters reminded me of someone I had seen before. Eventually it came to me. I believe this is a rendition of Dr. Suess' Thing One and Thing Two! What do you think? I'm guessing they are 1950s or 1960s.
Hope you enjoyed today's trinkets.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. They are gorgeous Helen - just wait until Lynne sees those Ruby Red shoes - she will be dancing on her yellow brick road.

    You certainly do have a wonderful and varied collection of things.
    They are lovely but I have decided no more collecting for me.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Oh Lovely! I had started putting brooches away to sell at my Vintage Market Stall, but so far they have all stayed at home with me!! My fav. at the moment is an Artist's palet with coloured stones for the paints.

  3. I love those red shoes! They are absolutely adorable! Love the duck too, 2 of my favourite things.
    I guess a chocolate brooch wouldn't be too practical to make it a full set, oh well.

  4. You have so many wonderful brooches I love all the ones with the red in them and those shoes!! sigh.

  5. One thing, two thing, red thing, blue thing. This brought back memories and I think you're right about this little brooch. My favorite is the swan. You sure have a nice collection; thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  6. I love them all....the ruby slippers are adorable. Thank you for visiting me the other day. Happy new week to you.

  7. Linda I think we all eventually reach a point where we decide our collecting must stop. I actually haven't bought a piece of jewellery for a few years now. I really do have more than enough.I might be tempted by a REALLY special piece perhaps.

    Lyndel it must be so hard to part with your treasures! I sold a few odd bits on ebay but couldn't bear to part with many of my more attractive pieces.

    Lynne I am sure if we looked hard enough we could find a chocolate brooch too LOL. Probably wouldn't be nice to eat though. The red shoes are darling aren't they.

    Nelly red stones are so popular in vintage jewellery that most red items are more expensive to buy! Just came from your blog and pleased to see you got your very own 'red shoes'! :)

    Betsy thanks for visiting. I miss reading Dr. Suess now my kids are grown. Maybe I'll read it just for myself! Shhhhhhhhh

    Koralee you are most welcome.I love your blog, it's so pretty and colourful and I usually love what you have to share! I think the little girl inside us all would love a pair of ruby slippers!

  8. What a fab collection! I see you've just done another post so I will check that out shortly. I am still in the reading Doctor Suess stage, my boys are big fans - I think you're right about the brooch being Thing 1 and Thing 2. You have such fun pieces - I'm quite taken with Miss Mouse. Do you wear them much or are they just for the fun of collecting? x