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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

Winter has really found us here this week. I'm not sure if it's due to my recent weight loss efforts but I have been freezing my butt off! I'm usually the crazy woman in short sleeves when everybody else is wrapped up in a beanie, coat and gloves.
Mr B and I wandered outside in the freezing cold pre dawn hours hoping to see the lunar eclipse this morning. Alas we couldn't see it. I crawled back into bed and my electric blanket whilst he bravely went off to work for the day.

We have an old fashioned wood stove here that is used for cooking and warming the house. A job it does admirably but it takes a little time to rebuild the fire each morning and get the temperature back up again. Thank goodness for the back up heating system.
The only thing that could be better about my lovely stove is having a glass door so I could sit and watch the flames!
Here is a shot with the door open. Don't you feel warmer already?
I'm a bit like a bear on really cold days. All I want to do is curl up inside where it's warm and relax with a good book.
(My current read, a jolly good read btw)
Indoors I usually have bare feet or slippers when it's really cold. I actually bought myself a new pair of slippers at the op shop today. They look brand new and unworn! I'm not usually big on second hand shoes but these were a bargain at $8.00 and did I mention they looked WARM!
So unusual for me to buy something I actually NEED at the op shop too.
They aren't real ugg boots of course, just acrylic fleece lined boots but they will do me for now.

Other essentials for a cold day inside include coffee ...or the beverage of your choice.
I pinched this pic from google images. I like a little cinnamon in my coffee.
Something yummy to snack on. Chocolate would usually be my first choice but today I actually had an apple strudel scone.
**photo courtesy of Bakers Delight.
What do you do when it's cold outside? Do you delight in all things Winter or are you like me and just want to curl up inside until Spring?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. This is a lovely post Helen - glad your little tootsies will be warm. Your coffee and scone sound nice - I wonder if they do them with apricot.

    My choice of drink would be coffee and the things I like to eat during cold months are soups, stews, home made bread, curries and self saucing puddings.

    I love winter and all the comfort foods it brings.

    Love and hugs,

  2. I don't like super hot, but mid 20's is just nice. Actually it wasn't so bad today and the sun was even out for a while. Yep, good book lots of coffee, snuggly eiderdown, slippers and tv, that sounds good. Tam x

  3. I loved reading this post, for more reasons than one. See I'm in the US and it is summer here, well it isn't so hot right now but I'm sure it will be soon. We had a bought of 90 degree temps a week ago that drove us all inside to bask in the air conditioning.

    I've always been a lover of autumn and winter. Those are my two favorite times of the year. I like to curl up inside with my fleece blanket, a cup of hot tea or hot cocoa and watch movies all day long. Sometimes I will sit and read a book too.

    I'm a "fluffy" person and I like the extra clothing in winter to hide my fluff. Also, in the winter you can always put another layer on but in the summer you can only take so many layers off before there's a problem. ;-)

    I find it so fascinating to know that I'm reading and talking with someone in another part of the world who is experiencing a different season than me. I think it is fascinating.

    I love your 2nd had boots. I have always bought 2nd hand shoes and I always think, "now I really have walked a mile in someone elses shoes."

    I really enjoyed your post and LOVE the old wood stove. One of my dreams is to have one someday. I'd like to have a hearth in the kitchen too with a big fireplace for cooking in and warming ourselves by in the winter.

    Well, I'll close my mini novel of a comment now. Have a glorious day and I'm hoping you stay all cozy and warm.

  4. I love my woodstove fires and being cozy. It's such a chilly start to summer her in the USA, we have had a few fires yet. I miss my woodstove in the summer months. Enjoy, stay warm!

  5. Hi Helen, I just like to sit at my computer on a cold day, heater on, crochet rug on my lap, read a few blogs, do a bit of on-line chatting. Unfortunately today I have grocery shop day and doc. appointments... and it's cold out......

  6. I was shattered to miss the eclipse but will have another chance in December.
    In the cold I like my Hot Chocolate, a chocolate (of course) and the smell of bread baking and the anticipation of waiting for it to come out of the breadmaker and devoured while hot with home made soup.

  7. Linda oooh apricot scones sound lovely!Self saucing puddings are wonderful aren't they!Reading the comments on this post reminded how many good things there are about Winter lol.

    Tam I'm with you on the mid 20s as being nice. I usually enjoy Autumn best when it's neither hot nor cold.

    Michelle we have so much in common and I loved your comment. I have a tendency to write small novels too LOL! I'm a 'fluffy' lady too. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

    Lady Linda yes I miss the stove in the Summer months too. It is so homely to have it burning and our kitchen really is the heart of our home.

    Lyndel it really has been freezing here in Victoria hasn't it. Sadly the chores seldom wait and we have to go out whatever the weather.I confess I also spend a lot of time on my laptop when it's cold outside.Maybe cold days would be good days to go op shopping? (hoping everyone else would stay home coz of the cold lol )

    Lynne it's funny as much of a chocoholic I am I have never liked hot chocolate. I used to make all my bread but in the oven, maybe I will again some day.

  8. You've really warmed me - I'm so jealous of your wood stove! Ducted heating may be effective but not very authentic.
    I love to use the cold days for reading and stitching, and I'm finding the evenings at the sewing machine quilting quite satisfying also. There is a part of me (must be the "youth" in me) who would love to get out in a coat and scarf and work in the garden or go for a long walk.

  9. Handmaden my old house had ducted heating and I know what you mean. It is efficient at keeping us warm but not quite as 'homely' as a wood fire/stove. I usually craft and read in Winter too but since I moved in with my partner a whole lot of my stuff is still packed up in boxes. I am feeling the 'need' to find at least a small creative project to do.Learning to sew is on my wish list. I have a great machine but scared of it!