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Monday, June 27, 2011

Shhhhh artist in training...

I'm really getting into this zendoodling thing! I think it will be some time before I could call myself an artist without laughing but I am having fun and I can see with practice I will get better at this. This is my second effort. I didn't stick to the official zentangle size for this. I just began and let it grow.
I do need to buy myself a thicker nibbed pen for colouring in those larger areas. I have also discovered I prefer the softer lines of curvy lines and patterns as opposed to straight lines and geometric patterns.

I must look into trying to copy and print some of my old snowflakes from popular front's snowdays website. I think I could make some fabulous art in this style based on my snowflakes. If you would like to view some of my snowflakes go to the 'find a flake' feature at snowdays, type in ladychiara, Australia and put peace and healing in the message area. That should bring up a few of my flakes. I haven't made any since about 2007. Sadly at the time I was most creative on snowdays I did not have the computer skills to save my art work for myself. They have made many changes over there since and I am not even sure if all the flakes ever made are still online for viewing.
If you would like to see what some other very talented artists have done with their snowflake images please take a look here.

When I first joined snowdays there were many experienced flakers doing amazing things with the program. Many of them have extended their creative talents in the realm of fractals and digital art using programs like Apophysis, Photoshop Pro etc. Many of these wonderful artists were featured on this website.
misterX website offered instructions and assistance to new flakers and old alike. I visited often and to my delight discovered I could make much more artistic snowflakes than I thought possible. It has been some time since I have visited misterX website so I am not sure if the forums are still active, however if you are interested in having a go at flake making on snowdays it is very worthwhile visiting and learning how to do all kinds of things with your flakes. 

After that little side trip down memory lane .......
This is my latest effort at this doodling business. I'm not sure if it's finished yet. Doodling these reminds me of free embroidery. Sometimes it's hard to know when to STOP!

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Brilliant Helen - I can't get my head around it at all.

    So glad you are enjoying it.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Look sgreat Helen I cant do one tho as I will get addicted to something else and cant afford to do that lol

  3. Hi Helen, they are great! I must admit that I hadn't heard of it either. It looks very addictive. Have a great week, Tam x

  4. Your latest zentangles are fantastic Helen, and it's the hardest thing to know when it's done. l've visited all your links and the snowflakes are very kaliedescopic aren't they. Couldn't find YOUR snowflakes, but l tried. You could also paint the larger areas (black paint), which gives you more flexibility for different size areas and is quicker...Looks like you're having a wonderful time...good for you.

  5. Thank you Linda. It is a much needed creative outlet for me since my craft stuff in pretty well inaccessible for now.

    LOL Nelly oh I do understand about not needing any new addictions!

    Thanks Tam. I am really enjoying it a lot.

    Bron thank you. Glad you enjoyed the snowflakes. Some of them are just amazing. I'm planning to buy some thicker markers for colouring larger areas and thought once I have mastered a few tangle patterns may look at using colours, paint etc. I am really enjoying it a lot.