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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vintage roses ...

When I bought my pretend Ugg boots at the op shop earlier this week I spied several other vintage pretties that I wanted to bring home with me. Alas no 'mad' money is to be had this week so I had to sigh deeply and leave them there.

Yesterday I took my ex mother in law in to the op shop to look at a lampshade we thought might be suitable for her standard lamp. The lampshade wasn't to her taste so we browsed for a few minutes and she found some books to buy. I showed her one of the lovelies I had seen the day before and she said she would buy it for me! Yayyyyy for my lovely ex mother in law.
The item in question was a gorgeous vintage sheet.
Although I have a love of most things vintage I have never even looked at vintage sheets before. The lovely rose pattern on this one jumped out at me. I wanted it immediately. Now I just have to decide exactly what to do with it. So far three options come to mind.
  1. Keep it as is and use it on a bed in the spare room matched with a plain white sheet. Alas it is only a single bed size.
  2. Keep it whole and use as backing for a quilt
  3. Cut it up and make cushions out of it. If i choose this option do I just use this fabric and get fancy with piping or ruffles or do I seek out matching/complementary fabrics and make some patchwork?
What would you do?

Since my ex mother in law paid for the lovely sheet I scrounged enough change from my purse to buy two other items that had caught my eye.

I found a pair of lovely white pillow cases for just $2.99. They are machine embroidered but wonderful quality and oh so white!

The other item was this adorable doiley/tray cloth.
At first glance I thought this was hand embroidered, in fact some of it does look hand embroidered and yet some of it is definately machine embroidered. For $1.99 I don't care and besides it is pretty.
Look at this sweet little bird. I love the vintage colours.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. That sheet is beautiful! I don't think I could cut it up, but that's just me.
    Ex Mother in Laws are marvelous, I adored mine and spent many a day shopping with her.

  2. So pretty. A patchwork quilt would be nice, or left as is and enjoyed, T x

  3. I often use a single bed sheet as a table cloth and that way everyone gets to share your lovely things. For special occasions of course.

    Well done on the pillow cases and the tray cloth Helen.

    Even just having the sheet is enough - even if you just take it out and look at it and enjoy it.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Hello Helen
    Some lovely finds there and I picked up 3 white pillowcases like that and they do look nice on the bed but I have now started my new era of colour red, black and maybe silver. I shall be right at Christmastime won't I have the perfect place for a tree at my window pity no one will see it though. Hope you are keeping well
    Love and Hugs

  5. I would leave it whole and use it on a bed. I have always had a soft spot for vintage sheets with roses or rosebuds on them. I recently bought two beautiful blue rosebud pillow cases. They house my two pillows now and I love them. I had a quilt that matched and didn't even realize it. Both are on our bed. The colors in your vintage sheet are so vibrant and lovely. I have to say, it would make beautiful pillows too. Patchwork is always nice, but I think leave the whole pattern and back it with an accompanying color with piping or ruffles. That would also be beautiful. I'm glad that you have a good friendship with your ex mother in law. That was so generous of her to buy you this lovely sheet. 'Mad' money is tight here this week too. There will be no garage sales or thrifting for me. Good thing I have a few things left, that I haven't shown in my Thrifty Thursday post, that I bought a week or two ago. Money is hard to come by these days. Have a fantastic day! Stay warm.

  6. Helen, I love the sheet, and agree with Linda they make great tablecloths, especially outside in Summer?
    The embroidery was a Semco Kit, I have an incomplete one, see my blog for May 1st.♥
    Semco sold them with or without the crochet edge.

  7. those sheets! and the embroidery. the bird is lovely, i like its unexpected 'hard' colouring too...

  8. The sheet would look great as cushions, with complementary fabric of stripes or spots in pink, green or blue. I found this one-

  9. Lynne I am lucky my ex mil and I get on well. It was awkward when my ex got remarried and I kind of stepped away a bit but now he is overseas and I have stepped back into the gap doing errands for her or taking her shopping etc we are closer again. She has always been very generous to me and the kids.

    Thanks Tam

    Linda I never thought of using it as a tablecloth. Great idea!

    Hope thanks for stopping by, it's good to see you. We have perfect windows for my Christmas tree but are too far away from anyone for anyone but us to enjoy it. (and enjoy it we shall)

    Michelle I love roses and rosebuds on anything! Unfortunately linen is usually way too expensive if it has them on. (for my budget) How wonderful that you found you already had a quilt to match your blue rosebud pillow cases! Hope you find some 'mad' money soon to go thrifting again!

    Lyndel how funny that I never even thought about using the sheet as a tablecloth. I love that idea! I took a look at your blog post again, didn't remember, fancy it being the same kit. I guess it's hand embroidered then. I remember my mum having a lot of Semco tablecloths...we used to Hobbytex them. I have no idea what happened to them all.

    woolf thanks for stopping by (sorry I don't know how to make those pretty hearts) Yes I liked the different colouring of the bird.

    zara thank you for commenting. I am still undecided. Loved the cushion at the link you sent. Maybe I will buy some cushions and keep my sheet intact? Decisions decisions lol

  10. Pretty finds, I agree that the sheet would be lovely as a tablecloth for a summer party.

  11. Thanks Lakota I'm veering more towards keeping it intact too.

  12. I inherited my granmothers antique sheets, she was a lady that never wasted a thing, so there was some worn ones. I use her old sheets as table cloths because they are just too pretty to sleep on, that and the fact every time I see them I think of her.

  13. I love vintage sheets! I'd be cutting it up - maybe for patchwork or the pocket on an apron!

  14. Charlotte what a lovely way to keep your grandmother as part of your life.Enjoy those precious memories!

    Susan Thanks for visiting. I might be more tempted to cut it up if I could sew LOL! My machine and I are sworn enemies ;)

  15. Oh, the sheet is gorgeous!!! As a quilter, you know I'd be cutting it up for a new life! How fun.

  16. Lady Linda I need to learn how to use my sewing machine so I can indulge in some more quilting.I made my son's quilt entirely by hand but would love to learn how to piece on the machine. Until I saw this lovely old sheet I really didn't realise they came in such gorgeous patterns.