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Friday, June 3, 2011

Comfort shopping...

I'm not sure if it's the onset of Winter or just my current life challenges but I have been feeling the blues a little recently. I am sure it has been obvious from my recent blog posts. Given that I am trying not to succumb to the temptations of chocolate to chase the blues away I seem to have found a replacement by way of comfort shopping! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing? Certainly better for my weight loss efforts but not so great for the budget!

I have been to the op shops three times this week and come home with plenty of treasures. I also had to leave some behind due to a lack of that awful stuff we call money. I comfort myself with the knowledge that there will always be new treasures to find. Anyway here are a few of my 'comfort' items.
I actually bought this teacup and sandwich plate a few weeks ago but had forgotten to photograph it. I adore the blue. Sadly it didn't have the saucer with it so I am hoping I might find an orphan that matches sometime. If anyone has one I'd love to buy it from you! It is a Royal Albert pattern.
I found this fabulous old glass jelly mould for $3.99. It's about 6 inches deep and 5 inches in diameter.
This is a pretty Paragon trio I found recently. Paragon make the most gorgeous designs. I wish I could afford some of their more ornate ones.
This is a little jam dish that I kept coming back to. The gilding is worn so it has been well loved. It was made in Australia and only $1.99 so home it came. I don't often see things that are made in Australia.
A Royal Vale trio. It's funny that I love teacup sets so much. I don't drink tea at all but I suppose there is no rule that says I can't drink coffee from a cup? Then again maybe there is!
This one was an ebay purchase. A lovely nylon? netting food cover/table throw with a crocheted crinoline lady in each corner. My photo doesn't do it justice. It's actually a lovely bright lemon colour.
A very practical purchase and such a bargain! I found this like new Burberry brand raincoat for just $10 at a local op shop. The sleeves are too long for me but otherwise it fits beautifully. It has two deep pockets, chunky buttons and sleeve detail as well as being fully lined with a nice check print. It's not my choice of colour but I really don't care for that price! My girlfriend and I went back to the same op shop a few days later and they had another one, exactly the same but a different size AND it was priced at $80 which we thought was outrageously expensive for an op shop EVEN if it was a Burberry! I assume mine must have been priced incorrectly or perhaps just by a different staff member.
I also bought some lovely children's books and another item which I'll share in another post as this one must be a mile long by now. Do you comfort shop or do you head for the fridge when feeling a little down?

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. I love your purchases Helen - and yes grabbing a bargain is sure comfort for me.

    Hope you find that matching saucer - I shall keep a look out on my excursions to Vinnie's

    Love and hugs,

  2. I comfort opshop and eat ha.Have no funds for the opshops and nothing enticing me to eat at the mo.Feeling the blues here too hence lack of posts but am still reading blogs.
    I am so not a winter person.
    Hugs to you ((())))

  3. oh Helen I love to comfort shop, usually associated with a comfort coffee while I am out.
    a plain blue saucer may even do for your missing one??

  4. l am definitely a comfort shopper, though l DO enjoy eating l can't cook, so food not that high on my list. Love to get to the opshops and browse and yabber. It's gotta be the lack of sun causing your blues Helen, it's my theory that we're all solar powered, no sun and we go flat, also it's that bl..dy cold who wants to move from the heater and that can't be good either. Oh well, here's wishing for an early Spring.....SCORE on the Burberry jacket. Clever you, no excuse to stay home now.HAHA!!

  5. Helen, Thank you for visiting me.Yes,the shoulder blade is where I would put my tattoo and for a very good reason, it's the only place that won't change through the years too much.I don't really gain weight on my shoulder.I love all your goodies and enjoyed reading your post.We seem to have much in common.

  6. Thanks Linda it would be awesome to find the matching saucer but I'm guessing it's a long shot!

    Nelly warm hugs to you too. I am definately not a Winter person. I just want to hibernate!

    Lyndel yes a plain blue might just do. I've really only just begun buying teacups etc. I must pick up more orphans. A crazy teaset would be easier to organize!

    Bron yes I suffer chronic depression and am always worse through Winter despite my meds. I just don't like being cold at all! Glad somebody knows what a Burberry is, I couldn't believe my luck! I haven't owned a raincoat in years, being a larger lady always made it hard to get a decent one that fit.

    Denise great minds think alike! Your reasoning was the same as mine when I chose the spot for my tattoo.Thanks for stopping by, love seeing new friends visit.

    love and hugs xx

  7. I love tea cups and saucers. I don't even use them. But they collect dust really well.

  8. HammBone haha yep I guess they do.Does that mean I now have a good excuse (like I need one) to watch out for a nice china display cabinet? ;)
    Thanks for visiting too btw.