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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes it's just mean't to be yours ....

I posted last week about my op shop finds and mentioned that I had something very special that I would share in a later post. I visited my local op shop a few weeks ago and as always I went up to their locked glass cabinet where they tend to keep the more 'expensive' treasures like fine china, jewellery etc. They had a gorgeous cut glass, lidded candy dish but wanted $25 for it. (I'm not sure if it's glass or do you tell the difference?) I briefly thought it was a little bit expensive but was very lovely. I looked at it longingly and walked away.

The next time I popped in the candy dish was still there but I still balked at paying $25 and I didn't have $25 to spare really so in the locked cabinet it stayed!

Last week when I went again the candy dish was still there and I mentioned to the saleslady that they still had 'my' candy dish. I said that I couldn't afford it and she said "Oh I'll just check, I think it has a purple tag on it today". Purple tags were half price for that day and lo and behold it was half price (imagine me squealing with delight inside my head at this stage) For a mere $12.50 I couldn't leave it there could I ? I decided it was mean't to be mine.  My photo doesn't do it justice. It stands about 11 inches tall to the top of the pointy thing on the lid and about 10 inches around. It has three feet. I'm making the assumption it's a candy dish, I can't imagine what else this type of container would have been used for.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. And that piece was meant for you Helen - it is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy it often. It will be lovely at Christmas time with lovely coloured things in it - it you decide to just put it in a cabinet and not use it - you will also get lots of pleasure each time you pass it.

    Good buying there Helen.

    Love and hugs,

  2. What a great find..Don't you just love a bargain?..xx

  3. oh it's lovely, maybe jewellery on a dressingtable, and would a few rings just pop over the pointy bit? I'm sure whereever you decide to put it, it will look lovely♥

  4. Gorgoeus maybe a powder jar?

  5. Great score, you could use that for anything really.

  6. Its lovely, well done for bagging it on half price, i love it when you hold out for an item and they then reduce it! Scarlett x

  7. I love it, the ones that are meant to be, waiting for you to come back and give it a home. Bon bon jar at Christmas would be me

  8. What a bargain Helen it was just waiting for YOU and so pretty, in answer to your question about how do you tell the difference. Crystal makes a longish, ringing sound when you tap it with a (metal)spoon and glass makes a dull (quick) sound....l wondered if it might be useful to pop boxes of matches in.... they'd then be handy to light the fire these cold Winter days.

  9. Oh it's just beautiful. I love crystal. My friend's mother collects salt cellars which are so pretty and has quite a few antique ones. See, good things happen to those who wait :)

  10. Thanks Linda in my earlier life I never owned any 'pretty' things. Boy am I making up for lost time now LOL.

    Tara thanks for visiting and oh yes a bargain is just wonderful especially when it's something you have had your eye on for a while!

    Thanks Lyndel. I certainly have plenty of jewellery that could live in it!

    Ooooh Nelly I would never have thought of powder! You don't see big old powder puffs much these days.

    Thanks simmone I'll take a while to decide what to do with it. Until we get our house extensions built we are terribly short on space around here.

    Scarlett thanks and yes half price on really wonderful items doesn't seem to happen for me very often so I felt doubly blessed to get this one.

    Lynne yes I can see it being used for many different things at Christmas.

    Bron thanks for the heads up on how to identify if it's glass or crystal.We think it's glass but I don't really care. I bought it because I think it's so pretty.

    cosmic1 thanks for visiting.I might learn to be more patient if waiting brings more treasures like this my way lol. Your friend's mothers collection of salt cellars sound interesting.