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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The best laid plans...

We still have a friend of my daughter staying with us at present. We had hoped to take our guest for a drive along The Great Ocean Road sometime over the next few days. Unfortunately this is now impossible due to road closures. The huge amounts of rain we have had in Victoria caused landslides along parts of the Great Ocean Road leaving large sections of it unsafe and impassable. The road has been closed for an indefinite time. I am disappointed that we will not be able to show Li one of the loveliest parts of our country before she returns to the States.

We took an alternative day trip today and visited the Melbourne zoo. We being my partner Peter, my son Sam, Li and myself. Unfortunately Kate's anxiety gained the better of her today and she opted to remain at home. We had a great time although it was very, very HOT and we all decided to come home before seeing every exhibit. I don't remember EVER having left the zoo without seeing all the animals before!

We saw both the baby elephants today who were as adorable as expected. We also saw tiger cubs who were behaving in a typical cat like fashion and sleeping! The cutest baby of all was the baby orangutan who was so tiny and the sweetest thing! His protective mum was lying with him cuddled close. It was just adorable to see all the babies but I think the gorillas are still my favourite animals. The zoos breeding programs seem to be doing well. It has been a number of years since I visited the zoo and I saw many changes. Todays visit really did bring sunshine to my shadows, I had forgotten what a wonderful day out it makes.
Wishing you sunshine in your shadows
***photos  my own

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  1. Beautiful - sorry Kate couldn't join you but that's how it goes sometimes. I am glad there was sunshine in your shadows -we all need that,.

    Thank for your sharing the photos.

    Love and hugs,