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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The security of stuff!

I'm in the process of packing up all my wordly goods and chattels, and those of my two children. I have barely begun and already am overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF we have managed to hold on to and collect over the 18 years we have lived in our house. I have always been a bit of a hoarder myself but have tried to balance this with regular culling of unused, unwanted and disliked items and outgrown clothing.  We STILL have mountains of STUFF between us!

To a degree I believe we hang on to items long after we might have given them away for reasons of security. How often have you heard someone say "but I might need it one day". I have been guilty of this more than once but am committed to having a serious and severe cull of our belongings before this move. I know without looking my wardrobe is full of clothes I have not worn in over a year, possibly 5 years! It is time for a fresh new start and they are going to GO! I have shelves in cupcoards that hold Lord knows what, items that were stashed away years ago and have never seen the light of day since.

Culling half a lifetime of belongings is an anxiety provoking process! I have struggled as a single mum for the last several years. I know I have held on to many belongings 'just in case'. The fear that should I give away an item that has remained unused in a cupboard for years, I would immediately find need for it and not have the resources to buy another is very strong. When you have been financially poor most of your life it builds in a certain insecurity that is very hard to shake. I am however not quite as addicted to things anymore. Things have little value when compared to the truly important in life. Perhaps as we age it gives us a different perspective.

As overwhelming as sorting, culling and packing our belongings is going to be I am truly looking forward to a completely new and fresh start in our new home, with my beloved partner. I am ready to leave all baggage from the past behind and then some! Making a concious decision to do so is remarkably freeing and leaves me light of heart and spirit and cheerfully looking forward to building a bright new future.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

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