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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost treasures....

I'm trying hard to shake off my shadows so decided to do a double posting today.I bought a real lost treasure on ebay recently and it arrived in the mail this week. It is an old Christmas card album. Sadly at some time it has been water damaged and shows signs of age also. However, inside there are real treasures to behold. I don't care that the album cover has damage or that some pages show age markings or even that some of the cards are a little grubby in places. You can see the damage to the cover in this photograph. (It must have been so beautiful when it was new)
But oh just one peep inside and I was lost....
The album was a gift and look at that amazing handwriting! (and the date)
I know you can see why I just had to have this treasure trove of what must have been at one time cherished memories and keepsakes.
These are only a small selection of the cards in the album. There was also a number of loose cards, scraps and postcards as well as newspaper clippings.
The card below is truly special. It is heavily embossed vintage plastic, the name of which escapes me at present.
I wondered if the lady who kept this clipping had her honeymoon at this hotel? The newspaper clipping was from the 1950s.There was also an old postcard album filled with postcards from around the 1950s and later included with the Christmas card album. Presumably it belonged to the same lady.

I got really excited when I saw this bundle of old letters tied up with string. That handwriting is just so gorgeous. Sadly only two of the envelopes contained letters. (the others were just empty envelopes) The letters that were there had been written by a soldier in WW11 home to his mother. His handwriting amazed me and although it felt a little odd to be reading someone else's mail it was a fascinating peek into a bygone era. I did feel a little sad that the treasures belonging to the original owner had been somehow cast aside. I can only think she had no family for them to be handed down. I am glad they were rescued long enough for me to be able to buy them on ebay. They will surely be cherished in my lifetime.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Beautiful Helen,

    I know you will handle the treasures with due care and attention and I hope they bring you joy.

    Love and hugs.

  2. Oh Helen I see why you got it and its so perfect for you I always feel sad to see these things cast aside too.

  3. Gorgeous Helen, I even quite like the worn cover.

  4. Thanks Linda I get a lot of pleasure from treasures such as this one and will cherish this beautiful piece of history.

    Thanks Nelly we are such a throw away society, I wonder if treasures like these will become a thing of the past and if there will be anything like it left behind from our current generations.

    Thanks Tam. It is lovely isn't it even with the damage.

  5. hat is so gorgeous and so full of memories, now you can add to them with your own story of them.

  6. Thanks Lynne I just hope my kids eventually appreciate my treasures too.