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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 14...

A really odd bunch of pieces to share today. From the glamorous to the kitsch! (Told you I have eclectic tastes lol)
This gorgeous pearl and aurora borealis coated crystal bead necklace is from the 1950s/1960s era. The clasp finishes with a pearl and AB crystal dangle which would sit beautifully at the back of the neck.
Kitschy and cute little 'Bambi' brooches. I really have no idea of the vintage of these two little darlings but the silvertone with clear rhinestones has an older style C clasp on it suggesting it is pre 1940s.
They photographed poorly but the goldtone one is beautifully enamelled.
This pretty blue diamante brooch is well made and I suspect an unmarked designer beauty. The smaller diamantes are a paler blue than the large ones and all are beautifully claw set. I believe this may possibly be an unmarked Weiss design.
More kitsch with this enamelled bunny brooch. Vintage unknown.
Another blue beauty. Probably 1950s/1960s vintage.
I'm not sure of the vintage of this little Westie Terrier brooch. He's been well loved with some loss of his gold colour. He has the sweetest diamante collar which unfortunately did not photograph well.
The promised glamour! ;) This is a beautiful marked Coro brooch and earrings set. 1950s/1960s era.
I so wish this bracelet had photographed better! It is unusual with hinged pieces on either side of the celtic braided filigree centre. There is a row of large clear diamantes set in the centre of the celtic braid. I have no idea what vintage this bracelet is. It is much prettier than it appears here.
An older necklace, I'm not sure of the exact age but the chain and clasp style is definately vintage. The beads are plain faceted glass/crystals.I believe this may be pre-1940s.
This key brooch is large measuring approximately 4 inches long. It is marked but unfortunately I cannot read the mark even with the help of a magnifier.(I can make out a W or M but that is all) Stamped goldtone metal with a pearl and clear rhinestones set into the round end it is a pretty piece. I have no idea what vintage it is.
This green brooch is quite small about an inch across. It is made of plain green glass in a brass like metal setting. Vintage estimated to be 1930s or earlier.

This little red swallow pin is interesting. It is tiny and I apologise it did not photograph well at all. Nor did the colour show up properly. It is a lovely bright red enamel edged with gold. The mark on the back appears to read 'Rules Made in Canada'. If any of my readers know anything about this little red bird please share. :) I wonder if it was a fund raising pin of some kind or a club pin.

This gorgeous red glass pendant is set in what appears to be brass. Some of the stones are moulded glass. It appears to be quite old but is unmarked and I really don't know what vintage it is. The pendant drop is about 2 and a half inches long or three inches from the single glass stone set above the main piece.
Goldtone teddy probably quite modern but added to my collection because he was cute LOL! He is marked ROMAN but I am not familiar with this designer name.

Pretty lucite? bracelet. My best guess would be 1950s/1960s era.
Well made little turtle brooch. Unmarked. I can't make out if the middle has glass or stones of some kind set into it. Vintage unknown.
Blue bar brooch. Clear blue glass set in goldtone metal. The centre stone is darker than the other two and I am not sure if it was made this way or if one or more of the stones has been replaced at some time. 2 inches long and less than half an inch wide I think this is an older brooch. The stones are open backed allowing light to shine through.
Swirly marcasite brooch. I own a few marcasite pieces but am unsure of the age of them. Marcasite pieces have become extraordinarily expensive to buy and there have often been pieces I have longed to make mine but they were way beyond my meager means.
One of my many leaf brooches this one is an enamelled lovely. Quite likely to have been a souvenir piece from Canada. Vintage unknown.
This beautifully moulded brooch is brass set, double layered with lovely clear red glass stones. The back is as pretty as the front and it is beautifully made. It is difficult to see in the photo but each of the stones is carefully claw set. Estimated vintage early 1900s.
Once again my photograph does not do justice to my subject! This sword brooch is beautiful. The blade and ornate handle are set with marcasite and it measures almost 3 and half inches long. It is marked on the back KIGU A.T. APP. I am unfamiliar with this mark.
One last bit of kitsch for today's post. An adorable Snoopy brooch. beautifully enamelled and in his clear rhinestone vest I have no idea of his vintage but he was too cute not to add to my collection!
Well done and THANK YOU if you stayed to the end of this week's trinkets. My camera and I were not on the best of terms. This last lovely brooch and earrings are unmarked but are definately a designer piece. They are what is known as a 'trembler' with the stamens in the flowers 'trembling' when touched or when the person wearing the piece moves. The enamelling on the leaves is beautiful. I'm not sure of the vintage but would estimate the 1960s.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. You definitely brought some sunshine to my day Helen with your lovely large collection today - I just love the celtic bracelet - and lots of the others are lovely/cute too.

    You certainly have a large and beautiful collection.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Love and hugs,

  2. There all beautiful but my favs would have to be the key and snoopy!

    E :)

  3. oh Helen, what lovely pieces, I peeked in yesterday, but knew I needed more time to look at this blog.... enjoyed my morning cup of tea and longer look today. I had a penfriend in the 1960s in Canada and was given similar Maple Leaf jewellery, so yours may be from the 60s too. I still have a bracelet with similar leaves on it. Oh, and I am still friends with the Penfriend.

  4. Thanks for the weekly dose of pretty sparklies Helen, it's always fun and interesting. I'm wondering if the Bambi brooches were produced in the early 40's when the movie was made....Really love the swallow brooch and the Scottie dog as well as the very old red brooch, struth your collection is extensive and l'm so happy that l can get to share and enjoy it with you.
    PS. Hope your friend and her family are holding up OK.

  5. the little Bambi pins as my youngest daughter likes deer anything. Fun post, as always.
    Lady Linda

  6. Linda thanks for always coming to peek at my trinkets. I do so enjoy showing them to you.

    Em thanks for stopping by. I love hearing which pieces everybody likes. It is interesting to see if I can guess.

    Lyndel thanks for the info re the maple leaves. How wonderful that you still have your penfriend in your life. I recall having one or two when I was young but we lost touch as we entered our teen years.

    Bron thanks for always coming to take a look. I am almost embarrassed by the size of my collection. I really had no idea it had grown so large and I've barely scratched the surface LOL.
    I wondered about the Bambi brooches too. I wasn't sure what year Bambi was produced originally. I'd love to find out more about the red swallow. I love Scotty dogs and have many brooches and other pieces featuring them. Thanks for thinking of my friend. You have probably seen my update post.

    LadyLinda thank you for coming to read and look.Lately I have been falling in love with 'Bambi' ceramics but have resisted buying any so far!I'm glad so many are enjoying my trinkets. I'm having fun rediscovering them and it's fun for me too.