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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 17...

I opened another magic box today filled with mixed bits and pieces so here we are.
This pretty bracelet is marked Judy Lee. I am unsure what vintage this is.
Pretty goldtone bracelet, nicely made but unmarked. Not it's original box and I am again unsure what the vintage is.
Tiny bar brooch, not much more than an inch long. It looks like an older piece but is marked Avon and could well be a vintage styled design. It has shades of art deco design to me but I believe Avon only started selling jewellery in the early 1970s.
This gorgeous demi parure looks like it has never been worn. Drop necklace and clip on drop earrings featuring blue and clear diamantes. It is set in goldtone metal and is a quality piece yet unmarked. I am unsure what vintage this is.
This pretty green demi parure of brooch and screw on earrings  is reminiscent of the designs of Van Dell. Van Dell produced quality lines in the 1930s and were well known for their gold filled and vermeil pieces as well as sterling.
This brooch is also possibly a Van Dell and likely to be from the same era as the green set above. It is unmarked.
This lovely set of clip on earrings is marked W. Germany. The colour of them is much deeper and more muted than it looks in this photograph.
Odd bird brooch. Doves? It is unmarked and rather large. Approx 2 and half inches across. I have no idea of the vintage.

This lovely goldtone bracelet and necklace set are unmarked but very well made. The style of them suggests they are a more modern piece perhaps from the party plan type jewellery that was so popular in the 1970s and 1980s. (Emma Page, Tiffany, Sarah Coventry etc) I could however be completely wrong and they could be an unmarked designer piece from an earlier time.
I have no idea about this pretty sparkly brooch but suspect it comes under the cheap and cheerful category. Although the stones sparkle well in this photograph, in real life they do not look like quality stones.

This simple goldtone bracelet is such a classic style it is hard to guess what vintage it is. I suspect it is a more modern piece and wonder if it is Avon or Sarah Coventry. It is unmarked.
This beauty has me guessing as well. The chain looks quite old and the stones seem to have dulled with age and yet the style would sit quite comfortably among many of my 1950s pieces.
Lucky last today is this lovely old extra long necklace with glass beads of various interesting shapes along a chain. Vintage I'm guessing could be anything from the 1920s (long necklaces were fashionable) to the 1960s or 70's. (think the bohemian look)
I enjoyed delving into todays treasure chest and I hope you did too.
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. What a magic ride today - beautiful stuff - I love the last piece. I really like them all - you sure have a great collection Helen. I am glad I noticed your blog post I had forgotten it was Tuesday and Trinket day.

    Love and hugs,

  2. lovely pieces Helen. I Hope you wear some of them sometimes? I found a lovely GOLDCREST necklace and clipon earings today, I normally would not have picked them up, but seeing all your lovely items has inspired me. I'll try to do a photo and a post about it tomorrow.

  3. Thanks Linda, I love that last necklace as well. I like the pieces with all kinds of glass on them, very interesting.I think I'm attracted to charm bracelets for the same kind of reason.

    Lyndel I do try to wear some of my jewellery pieces. Unfortunately a lot of the pieces are either too small for my rather large frame or too fragile but I wear what I can. I'll look forward to seeing your Goldcrest find! I have been commenting on your blog lately but Blogger is playing up with comments for me again so I'm not sure they have appeared.

  4. Well, you realy caught my attention today! I love gold jewelry and so much is silver. I'm sure I have slobbered all over my computer tonight.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. More lovely sparkles...and your knowledge is extensive Helen. l have learnt lots of info about some of the bits l've picked up over the thank you for that. Big love for the sapphire blue set and the gorgeous pink earrings and dove brooch. Hope the weekend is wonderful for you and yours...